Things to Do in Honduras: Snorkeling

Things to Do in Honduras: SnorkelingFor those curious about life in the sea, but not quite adventuresome enough for diving, snorkelling offers a great alternative to see some of the rich colorful life in the tropical reefs.

There is great, really amazing snorkeling in all three of the Bay Islands, as well as in the Hog Keys. There are also many different operators that provide this service. Inquire within your hotel at the islands about your options.

If you are in La Ceiba,  it is a must to go to the Hog Keys if you are into snorkeling; this is a one day tour from this city. In Tela, you can visit the Jeanette Kawas National Park (also referred to as Punta Sal National Park). The park has some of the most turquoise green waters off the mainland coast in Honduras, and offers the best snorkeling from the mainland of Honduras.

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