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Central America is a new travel destination for most world travelers. In Central America, two countries that have done a good job at marketing themselves as destinations: Costa Rica and Guatemala. The other three destinations: El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras are newcomers as destinations. One thing that these three countries share is the lack of available up to date information online.

I have lived in Honduras for almost 25 years, working in the travel industry all that time. I know just how hard it is to get good up to date information about travel in Honduras. The net is full of old stories. Most are about bad news, and there are few web sites that show the good side of the coin.

The hondurastravel.com Mission

Hondurastravel.com seeks to provide would be travelers to Honduras with up to date information.  Our mission is to provide reliable up to date travel information. Our web page has two distinct sections:

The first is an Online Honduras Destination Guide. We work hard to offer our readers information on the different resources available for them throughout Honduras. Where to stay, what to eat, how to get there and what to do once they are there. I want to share the best of Honduras with you!

Our second section is a Honduras travel blog. Here I share information on my travels throughout Honduras. Although Honduras is a small country, it has many attractions that make it popular with travelers. Best of all is the fact that they are quite unknown and not at all busy.

Honduras is best known for the Bay Islands and the Mayan Archaeological site at Copan Ruinas. Yet the country offers much more.  Destinations like Atlantida, are often overlooked. Atlantida includes La Ceiba, Tela and the Cangrejal River Valley. The same is true with the Lenca Route in Western Honduras. This route connects the cities of Siguatepeque, La Esperanza, Gracias and Santa Rosa de Copan.

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Hondurastravel.com updates information about the destinations within the country on a regular basis. We are beginning with the most visited and frequented destinations. We aim to have the most updated, useful Honduras travel blog available on the net.

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  1. James OMalley
    November 25, 2016 @ 1:49 pm

    Hi John

    great blog. Nice to see someone with positive news about Honduras.

    I’m from Canada and my wife and I are the new owners of Las Cascadas Lodge. Ryan is still managing the hotel. We hope to build up our supply of cabins in the next few years and we will let you know of any changes. We also plan to go off grid as much as possible too. We have 5 waterfalls on the property (100 acres of private rain forest) that are capable of generating our electricity. (stay tuned).

    With that in mind our air conditioners have been turned off and removed. We can’t call ourselves eco-friendly and try to cool the outdoors too.

    We are also one of the more expensive hotels in the Cangregal river valley (as you have stated) but we are all-inclusive. (it would be nice if you could add that).

    Ryan runs one of his canyoning tours right on our property down our private waterfalls and river. Our guests don’t have to get in a car to drive anywhere and when their tour ends they are back at the lodge. A pretty sweet deal.

    Any other questions please drop me a line. I would be happy to answer. I am still based in Canada for a few more years but travel back and forth frequently.


    James OMalley
    Las Cascadas Lodge


    • John Dupuis
      November 30, 2016 @ 3:44 pm

      Good morning James!

      Thanks for following my blog. I will update the information on the our blog, so that we have the proper outline of what Las Cascadas Lodge is now offering. Congratulations on your becoming a neighbor at the Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba. Please let me know when you come to La Ceiba, I would love to get to know you personally. I life just up the road from Las Cascadas at La Villa de Soledad.



  2. Kathleen
    February 13, 2018 @ 10:04 am

    Love your blog. Very positive and informative!
    I have a friend who is local in Honduras. I’ve been thinking about a visit for the first time, from the US in May. What should I do to be prepared for traveling to Honduras? Anything I need to know before flying there? What should I expect?


  3. Summer D Hill
    June 2, 2019 @ 7:53 pm

    What is the best real estate agent for Canadians to buy a house in the Bay Islands?


    • John Dupuis
      June 2, 2019 @ 10:39 pm

      There are many good reputable real estate agents in the Bay Islands. I would probably start with REMAX in Roatan. Larry Schlesinger is a fully certified real estate agent in the USA and does everything by the book.


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