Copan Ruinas Banking Alternatives

There are a Total of Four Banks in Copan Ruinas

Although Copan Ruinas is a small city, there are many banking alternatives to choose from. Following is a list of most of your best Copan Ruinas Banking Alternatives. Each of these banks has full service banking at your disposal. This means that you can set up a bank account, transfer funds to yourself from abroad or use the ATM machine for cash withdrawals.

Copan Ruinas Banking Alternatives
Banco de Occidente is the largest bank in Copan Ruinas.

As a general rule, cash withdrawals are available around the clock. Do consider that there are some high traffic days, and that the ATM machines in Copan Ruinas may run out of cash on these days. As a general rule, that may happen towards the weekends and around the 15th of each month. The same applies for the end of the month. The above is because many companies pay their workers with direct deposits to their accounts. It is easier for the employee to go to the ATM than to stand in line at the bank.

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Most businesses in Copan Ruinas, will accept a credit card as a form of payment. This means that cash is only necessary when buying through street vendors or small shops. The same applies for bus and taxi transportation. Heck, you can even pay your entrance fee to the Copan Archaeological Park with your credit card!

ATM Machines in Copan Ruinas

Banco de Occidente

The oldest and largest bank in Copan Ruinas is Banco de Occidente. This is one of the oldest, largest and most solid banks in the Honduras banking system. They tend to work more with small agricultural clients, and coffee farms are a big part of their business. Banco de Occidente does support tourism ventures also. They have an ATM machine that accepts Visa and Mastercard plastics that is open 24 hours a day. They are at the northeast corner of Central Park. Banco de Occidente is open Monday through Saturday.

Banco Atlantida

atm machines in Copan Ruinas
Atlantida is one of the most prestigious banks in Honduras

Banco Atlantida has also been in Copan Ruinas for many years. They are the oldest banking institution in Honduras, with over 100 years in service. Banco Atlantida is one block South of Central Park, past the Hotel Margarita. They also have an ATM machine which accepts Visa and Mastercard. In my experience, Banco Atlantida is hard to work with. They prefer large clients and do not go out of their way if you are a small client.

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BAC Honduras

ATM Machines in Copan Ruinas
BAC Credomatic has the most popular ATM machine in Copan Ruinas

Banco de America Central BAC is a Central American regional bank that is at the South side of Central Park. BAC is the largest credit card bank in Honduras. They represent American Express, Diners, JCB and Discover Cards in the country. Their ATM also accepts Visa and Mastercard. The ATM is open 24 hours a day. The Bank is open Monday through Saturday and staff is friendly. This is the bank that I usually work with.

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Banco del Pais

Copan Ruinas Banking Alternatives
Banco del Pais in Copan Ruinas

Finally, Banco del Pais, also known as Banpais has an office at the Hotel Plaza Magdalena. They have the fourth ATM machine in Copan Ruinas, which accepts Visa and Mastercard.

As a general rule, you should be able to get cash from anyone of the above ATM machines. If one fails, you can always resort to the next. The good news is that they are all within walking distance of each other, which means fewer hassles for you!

I hope this short note of Copan Ruinas banking alternatives has been useful to you. Feel free to send me a note if you need any particular advice! Enjoy your travels in Copan Ruinas!