Backpackers in Honduras!

After seven months of not seeing tourist, I was ecstatic this week when I say a group of four backpackers in Honduras. You see, I live in the Cangrejal River Valley, arguably the adventure and nature tourism Hub in Honduras. The area is just outside of La Ceiba, and just a short ferry ride from the Bay Islands of Utila and Roatan. My wife and I run a Bed and Breakfast out of our home, which we call La Villa de Soledad. Although we do not cater to backpackers, there are several businesses in our neck of the woods that do. Seeing backpackers in Honduras means that somehow, business is beginning to came, albeit slowly, but coming back!

Just as I turned off the CA13 highway, I spotted this group of four backpackers in Honduras. I usually offer them a ride, and today it was no exception. I stopped, asked them where they were going and told them to jump into the back of my pickup truck. Their destination was La Moskitia Ecoaventuras. This is one of our business neighbors. They cater to backpackers and offer a variety of tours, including white water rafting.

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras headquarters is about one kilometer past my bed and breakfast. Yet I felt compelled to take them all the way there. I jumped out my truck to make sure that I could document this pleasant, memorable experience. Thank God for smart phones with their cameras! They were very happy and thankful for the ride. I couldn’t help myself and asked them where they were from and were they were coming from. Of the four, one was from the USA, the other three from Europe. They had just spent about 6 months in Utila, doing some fantastic diving. They were now on their way back home and were taking advantage to get to know a bit of Honduras before their trip back home. I do hope we begin to see more travelers within the country. It was a pleasant experience to meet backpackers in Honduras once again!