Copan Archaeological Site Reopens

First it was the Covid-19 pandemic that shut the Copan Archaeological Park. Then once it was open to the public, Honduras took a double punch of two tropical storms in November: ETA and IOTA. Copan took a severe blow from those storms. The amount of water dumped into the mountains of Western Honduras was massive. While most of it flows into the Ulua – Chamelecon river basins, some also flows towards the Motagua River Basin, of which the Copan River is an important affluent.

IOTA, the second storm was particularly destructive. The new highway between la Entrada and Copan Ruinas took some serious damage. The hotels were forced to close once again. Seepage from the excessive rain has leaked into the tunnels where the Rosa Lila Temple lays, underground. And thus, the Copan Archaeological site was again shut down.

This week we have some great news! The Copan Archaeological site reopens! It will be open only from Thursdays to Sundays. I expect that this will soon become a daily event once again. The downside is that the museums and archaeological tunnels will not open for the time being. However, there is certainly enough to see in the main Copan Archaeological Park to make it worth your time there, even if you cannot see the rest of the archaeological attractions, such as the Copan Museums.

Take Advantage for a Great Vacation As the Copan Archaeological Park Reopens!

The Honduras Birdman
Tourists interacting with macaws at the Macaw Mountain Bird Park

The good news is that Macaw Mountain Bird Park is open to the public. A trip to Copan Ruinas is not complete without a visit to this unique bird park that has been instrumental in the release of Scarlet Macaws in Honduras. The magnificent scarlet macaws have enhanced the experience of visiting this Archaeological park. The bird park, which is a couple of kilometers outside town, on the way to the hot springs is easy to get to. There is also a well-groomed coffee plantation on premises, where you will be able to sample some the best coffee in Honduras.

As the Copan Archaeological site reopens, Copan Ruinas, is a destination that has a lot to offer. Take advantage of the fact that you will have few other tourists visiting in the coming days. Treat yourself to a truly magical experience!