Cangrejal River Hotels

Cangrejal River Hotels

The Perfect Cangrejal River Hotels are Waiting For You!

La Villa de Soledad B&B

Cangrejal River Hotels
A Double Room at La Villa de Soledad B&B

A charming, colonial style home built on a small bluff overlooking the magnificent Cangrejal River. With a total of 5 individually appointed rooms with original Honduran art, Saltillo tile floors and their own private terrace with a hammock overlooking the gardens, this has to be the nicest of  the all the Cangrejal River Hotels. Bathrooms include American style plumbing with hot and cold water, spacious showers with plenty of running water and fully tiled walls. Rooms have cathedral style ceilings that provide for a cool atmosphere even in the warmest of days. Cross ventilation and ceiling fans also do their part.

The property is within walking distance of the Cangrejal River, the swing bridge to cross into Pico Bonito National Park, the Zip line canopy tour and the put in for the best white water rafting in Central America. Warm Honduran hospitality with a fully bilingual staff make it the perfect spot to relax, get information about travel throughout Honduras and make the best of your vacation. The free high speed wifi internet available throughout the La Villa de Soledad is certainly a pleasant surprise! Owners John and Soledad are always on premises and are sticklers about making sure their guests are always happy!

Omega Tours Jungle Lodge

Cangrejal River Hotels
Luxury Cabin at Omega Tours Jungle Lodge

A pleasant jungle lodge setting with several different types of accommodations, including two luxury cabins, a guest house with shared baths, and even camping facilities. They operate the best restaurant and bar in the area, as well as a variety of adventure and nature tours, including white water rafting, hiking in Pico Bonito National Park and horseback riding tours into Nombre de Dios National Park. Omega Tours Jungle Lodge has a room for every budget! Owners and staff speak English, Spanish and German. Although Omega Tours Jungle Lodge is not right on the river, it is within a short walking distance. German owners, Udo and Silvia are always present and very friendly.

Villas Pico Bonito

Cangrejal River Hotels
Infinity pool at Villas Pico Bonito.

Villas Pico Bonito offers a variety of one, two, three and even one four bedroom villas. They are right on the Cangrejal River. This lodge has the only infinity swimming pool in the area. Because of this it is an instant favorite for families looking for a pool to entertain their kids. The grounds are very nicely groomed and the facility includes a restaurant and bar operation. Richard, the owner is a Brit who spends half his time on premises and the rest of the time back home in the USA. When at Villas Pico Bonito, he is always a fun mate to have around! The Villas Pico Bonito is home to Rio Vista Bar and Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the Cangrejal River Valley.

Jungle River Lodge

Cangrejal River Hotels
Photo Courtesy of Canal 45 La Ceiba

A hotel and hostel that offers a great party atmosphere, Jungle River is right on the river. They have taken full advantage of the natural rock formations and made a natural swimming pool within the crevasses of a huge riverside rock. Jungle River Lodge offers some nice private rooms as well as some basic private rooms and dorms. There is a full service bar and a basic restaurant on premises. They also offer white water rafting and have the only zip line canopy tour in the Cangrejal River area.
Ask for Oscar, the owner who is always very accommodating and willing to help out with any need you might have!

Casa Cangrejal

Cangrejal River HotelsA nice 4 bedroom bed and breakfast located almost next to Omega Tours, Casa Cangrejal looks like a stone house just out of a Hansel and Gretel story. Beautifully designed, and with a simple décor that is very well done, you will feel very comfortable here. Karen, the owner and manager always excels herself providing delicious a varied breakfasts for her guests. Currently, Casa Cangrejal is not in operation, but we hope they will soon re open.

Las Cascadas Lodge

Cangrejal River Hotels
Luxury Room at Las Cascadas Lodge

A lovely luxury jungle inn, Las Cascadas Lodge is a dream come true. Fine architecture, a perfect location adjacent to a private waterfall, great meals and top shelf liquors. This is the place to be pampered in if you can afford it. The prices are considerably above the rest of the lodges within the Cangrejal River area. However I must be state that they run an all inclusive operation. This means that meals and drinks are included in the room rate! Las Cascadas Lodge has a total of 3 rooms available to guests.  Ryan, the manager offers great adventure tours, including white water rafting and canyoneering down tropical waterfalls in the rain forest!

Hotel Rio

Cangrejal River Hotels
Gorgeous view of Pico Bonito National Park from Hotel Rio

The newest of the Cangrejal River Hotels! Hotel Rio offers spacious airy rooms with direct access to the Cangrejal River and great views of El Bejuco Waterfall. The Hotel Rio has a total of 6 rooms available for rent in two different buildings. Friendly service and white water rafting available through the property.

Hotel El Encanto de Dona Lidia

Cangrejal River HotelsLocated in the community of Las Mangas, approximately around km. 14 of the Cangrejal River road, this hotel offers a total of 5 rooms with air conditioning. The setting is quite relaxing, with a bar and restaurant on premises that can get busy over the weekends. Direct access to the river. Popular with people from La Ceiba who like to come here and enjoy the river access and restaurant bar service. They have a small pool that makes it ideal for families.

Cabanas del Bosque

Cangrejal River HotelsAlso known as Cabanas Aventuras del Bosque, this small property, in the community of Las Mangas is next to the Cangrejal River. Various members of the community own and manage this property. It is, to my knowledge, the only successful example of a community owned hotel in Honduras! Rooms are basic, but each has its own private bathroom, a nice terrace overlooks into Pico Bonito National Park and overall, it is very clean. The property also offers a small restaurant for its guests. You will enjoy the fact that they work very closely with a local, grassroots organization called Guaruma that maintains a trail into Pico Bonito National Park. You can also arrange different tours through a community owned tour operator that is in Las Mangas: Cangrejal Tours. Cabanas del Bosque has a total of 6 rooms.

La Canasta Eco Lodge

Cangrejal River Hotels
La Canasta Eco Lodge in El Pital, Cangrejal River. Photo by Isis Castro

You will find this unique property close to the community of El Pital, about 17 km. from La Ceiba. This is the most isolated of all hotels in the area. The property gets its name “La Canasta Eco Lodge” due to the unique access to it. The property is community owned and part of a woman’s cooperative, that goes by the name of Cooperativa Juan Pablo II. Access is not easy, but it offers a great opportunity to interact with the small community. For reservations, it is best to do so through Reservaciones La Ceiba, a community owned reservations center. Part of their profits are invested back into the communities.