Cangrejal River Things to do

Cangrejal River Things to do

There are more Cangrejal River things to do than you ever imagined!

The Cangrejal River Valley is one of the most diverse tourism areas in Honduras, and even Central America for that matter! There are so many different Cangrejal River things to do that you will need several days if you plan on doing them all!

Following are the most outstanding Cangrejal River things to do for your enjoyment. We hope you have time to experience them all! I have broken the list down in two large sections: Adventure activities and Nature activities.

Cangrejal River Things to do: Adventure

White Water Rafting

Cangrejal River things to do
Rafting the beautiful Cangrejal River.

Without doubt, white water rafting is the premier activity on the Cangrejal River. There is a well established white water rafting operation that goes back over 20 years. 4 different outfitters provide service with river guides that have been certified by the International Rafting Federation. Of the four, only one has earned the prestigious Atlantida Calidad Turistica distinction: Omega Tours.  The River offers Class II, III and IV rapids in a very scenic environment. The quality of the water is outstanding and best of all is its temperature, ideal for Watersports!  Typically a tour takes a half day, about 4 hours, and the activity includes time for some river hiking, jumping off huge boulders, instruction and of course all the necessary equipment.

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Zip Line Canopy Tours

Cangrejal River Things to do
Zip lining from tree top to tree top in the rain forest!

There is a zip line canopy tour in the Cangrejal River Area that is within the premises of Jungle River Tours. The facility offers a total of 8 cables, and takes you across the Cangrejal River. For a short hike into Pico Bonito National Park, where you will then continue your adventure towards your starting point. The tour lasts about 1 ½ hours and provides lots of adrenaline, as well as a nice opportunity to see the rain forest offers spectacular views of the Cangrejal River.

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Waterfall descents and Canyoning

Cangrejal River things to do
Deep in the rain forests of Nombre de Dios National Park, two tourists are descending a beautiful waterfall!

This activity consists mostly of rappelling down the face of beautiful waterfalls that are hidden within the tropical rain forests of Nombre de Dios National Park.  Because of the logistics involved with this activity, groups of 4 are the maximum number of persons allowed per trip. This is a great way to discover the rain forest, test your level of adventure, and get up and close with nature. Reservations are an absolute must! For more information check out Honduras Waterfall Descents. Truly a great adventure for those looking for something unique!

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Cangrejal River things to do: Nature

Of course most of the above mentioned activities include nature, but with a certain degree of adventure. Here we list activities that do not require you to have that unique adventuresome spirit to enjoy:

Hiking in the Rain Forest

Cangrejal River things to do.
Taking a refreshing shower after a strenuous hike in the jungle. Photo courtesy of Omega Tours.

There are several different trails within the area, both into Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks. The most visited trail starts at the Pico Bonito National Park visitor’s center, where you will cross over the Cangrejal River on a unique suspension bridge that will surely make you feel like Indiana Jones himself setting off on another adventure! From here two different trails offer different experiences: You can choose the La Roca Trail, which is a short loop trail or the longer El Mapache trail that will take you to the foot of the El Bejuco Waterfall. You can even combine them both! The longer El Mapache Trail will take at least a three hour hike, so make sure you plan on your hike early, as you certainly do not want to get caught in the rain forest after dark!

There are several different tour operators in the Cangrejal River Valley that can arrange these hikes for you, and you can of course go off on your own. In addition, there are several other trails, including the Guaruma Trail, La Relumbrosa Trail, etc. For local guides, consider getting in touch with Cangrejal Tours or La Moskitia Ecoaventuras.

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Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback riding tours in La Ceiba
Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios offer great horeseback riding tour possiblities

For those who love horseback riding we have some good news! Omega Tours has some great horses and offers a nice tour that will take you through the local communities and into Nombre de Dios National Park for some jungle riding. The tour includes a picnic at a lovely natural swimming hole in one of the many mountain creeks that flows towards the Cangrejal River. Tours depart daily at 10 in the morning and usually return around 3 in the afternoon.  Because there are a limited number of horses, it is a good idea to book in advance!

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Swimming in the Cangrejal River

cangrejal River things to do
The Cangrejal River offers ideal conditions to swim and play it its clear waters.

There is a good reason why most lodges along the Cangrejal River Valley do not have a pool…  you do not need one with such a magnificent river flowing so near to your room! The river is clear, with a refreshing, yet very pleasant temperature of the water. Huge river boulders create eddies and currents. They are perfect to play and swim against the current or simply relax en enjoy the scenery.  The only drawback to swimming in the Cangrejal River is the fact that you will not want to leave!

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Bird Watching in the Cangrejal.

Cangrejal River things to do
A group of Collared Aracari birds resting in a tree next to La Villa de Soledad B&B

This is certainly one of the best spots for bird watching in Honduras. Pico Bonito National Park is world famous for the abundance of tropical birds within its forests, and the Cangrejal River gives you direct access to Pico Bonito National Park. There are several good local birding guides within the area, the best can be hired through La Moskitia Ecoaventuras, one of the local tour operators in the Cangrejal River. Cangrejal Tours, a community owned tour operator also has some good birding guides.

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