Beachfront La Ceiba Hotels

Looking for Beachfront La Ceiba Hotels for Your Stay in Town?

There are several different beachfront La Ceiba Hotels to choose from. Most are located in the Zona Viva part of town, between 1st Street and the Caribbean Sea. These properties have had an important effect on promoting investment in the area, and we expect that the Zona Viva of La Ceiba should slowly begin to revive. Although La Ceiba’s beaches are not the best beaches in Honduras’s Caribbean coast, the beaches are well kept and there are fewer things as pleasant as enjoying a view of the Ocean from your hotel room or restaurant.

Hotel Quinta Real

beachfront la ceiba hotels
Hotel Quinta Real La Ceiba, on the beach in downtown La Ceiba

Without doubt the nicest and most elegant of the beachfront La Ceiba hotels within the city. Quinta Real features 82 rooms and suites elegantly appointed with all of the amenities of a four star hotel. Facilities include a nice swimming pool, access to the beach, a nice restaurant and bar and some of the largest ballrooms in town, making it the ideal venue for a congress or convention. The Quinta Real Hotel in La Ceiba is not part of the luxury Quinta Real Hotel chain from Mexico, but is certainly the most elegant hotel in town.

Hotel Partenon Beach

Beachfront La Ceiba Hotels
The Partenon Beach Hotel is one of the two top La Ceiba beachfront hotels

Located on the beach in the “Zona Viva” section of town, The Partenon Beach has been totally renovated, and has nothing to do with the old property that stood there in the past. Partenon Beach offers a couple of pools, spacious rooms, a great beachside restaurant and friendly staff. With a total of 94 rooms, making in the largest beachfront  La Ceiba hotel in the downtown area of the city.

Hotel La Casa de Nery

A truly cozy bed and breakfast located on prime beach front property in the heart of La Ceiba! La Casa de Nery offers a total of 7 rooms, each quite large, beautifully appointed and with all the amenities you could ask for, including free wifi for guests. The property has a large garden with a nice pool for its guests with a view to the ocean. Although beach access is limited, you will feel very comfortable within the gardens and pool of the property. Friendly service is provided by the owners who are usually on premises. If you are looking for a small, intimate, beachfront La Ceiba hotel, this is your best bet!

Hotel Artdeco Beach

Beachfront La Ceiba Hotels
The Art Deco Beach Hotel is across the street from the La Ceiba boardwalk.

The Artdeco Beach Hotel is a rather clumsy architectural effort to create an artdeco style building. Although not really on the beach, it is right across the street from the new boardwalk in La Ceiba. The location is great, however the property lacks charm and good taste. Rooms offer a splendid view of the new boardwalk and refurbished historic dock. The oceanview rooms of this is property offers the best ocean views of the different beachfront La Ceiba Hotels

Hotel UW Oasis

The UW Oasis hotel is located across the street from the La Ceiba boardwalk. A small property with 21 nice rooms does offer a limited restaurant service and a bar, a tiny pool for the enjoyment of its guests can also be found on premises. Nice location, but not much more than rooms as far as the property goes. Service is friendly and prices are reasonable.

Hotel Paseo Delfin

Located on the beach next to the popular Paseo del los Ceibenos, the Paseo Delfin appears to be much more than it really is. This is the perfect example that it’s not all about location. The property is right on the beach, and does have a pool and rooms with a balcony facing out to the ocean, but it is certainly not a resort or a fancy hotel.