Downtown La Ceiba Hotels

Downtown La Ceiba Hotels

Best Downtown La Ceiba Hotels:

There are many different downtown La Ceiba Hotels. From elegant resorts to basic hostels, there is something for every budget and taste. We hope our list helps you determine which is the best option for you and that you find the perfect downtown La Ceiba Hotels for your specific needs!

Hotel La Quinta

Downtown La Ceiba Hotels
The Hotel La Quinta is the largest hotel in Downtown La Ceiba

The largest of all downtown La Ceiba hotels, with a total of 113 rooms, La Quinta also offers the largest ballroom in the city! A great location, across the street from the D’antony Golf Club, the Hotel La Quinta offers comfortable rooms with all of the amenities you would expect. The property is very well maintained, and the owners take great pride in their gardens. There is a nice pool, and the restaurant service is very good. Rooms are clean and quiet. The Hotel La Quinta is certainly a great option to stay in. Telephone: (504) 2443 0223.

Gran Hotel Paris

downtown La Ceiba hotels
Gran Hotel Paris, located right on Central Park

Celebrating 100 years! This is the oldest hotel in town; however it has been completely rebuilt since and has excellent maintenance. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Hotel Paris is its great location, right on Central Park! The hotel has a total of 84 rooms and suites, meeting facilities and one of the nicest pools in town. The bar is popular get together spot for expats who live in town or are visiting from the islands. Telephone: (504) 2442 0414. Certainly one of the favorite downtown La Ceiba Hotels for locals and expats visiting La Ceiba.

Casa Luisa

downtown La Ceiba hotels
A lovely Bed and Breakfast located in the Historic Mazapan District of La Ceiba

A charming bed and breakfast in one of the old historic homes of the Masapan neighborhood. Located across the street from the Swinford Park, and within walking distance to Central Park. Rooms are elegant, clean and service is outstanding. Cafeto, the best coffee shop in town is located on the ground floor or this nice property. Complimentary wifi. Casa Luisa is a great option to stay in if you want to be in  one of the downtown La Ceiba Hotels!  Telephone: (504) 2442 2956.

Hotel Monserratte

Located in the Barrio El Iman, close to downtown, Hotel Monserratte offers comfortable rooms, nicely appointed with air-conditioning, cable TV, wifi and even a small fridge! A nice swimming pool and meeting facilities are also available. Telephone: (504) 2440 4133.

Hotel Iberia.

Located right on Avenida San Isidro, this is one of the most popular hotels for the Utilians (I know it sounds like some sort of aliens but it’s the natives of the island of Utila that I am talking about!). It is also a great place to watch the float parade during the yearly Carnival that takes place every month of May. (You must reserve your room with a balcony and prepay a year ahead of time to insure getting this privileged viewpoint)  Telephone: (504) 2443 0401.

Gran Hotel La Ceiba

Located right on Avenida San Isidro, the Gran Hotel La Ceiba is one of the tallest buildings in town. With a total of 40 rooms, the street rooms all have a balcony with a nice view, which is ideal to see the Carnival parade in May. Telephone: (504) 2443 2737.

Hotel Aurora

One of the nicer downtown La Ceiba hotels. The Hotel Aurora offers a modern design with a truly nice rooftop pool. The hotel is located right on highway CA13 as it  passes through the city, making it one of the easiest hotels to find. It’s location, which is close to the bus terminals, to the mall and to downtown makes it a favorite amongst business people. The Hotel Aurora is a complete hotel, featuring a pool, gym, restaurant, meeting facilities, etc. There is wifi service throughout the property as well and rooms are spacious and well appointed with all the services you would expect in a quality hotel. Telephone: (504) 2442 8736.

Hotel Carnaval

Downtown La Ceiba Hotels
One of the more affordable hotels in town, The Hotel Carnaval is conveniently located in the heart of La Ceiba’s new “Pink Zone”

One of the newer downtown La Ceiba hotels with a total of 16 rooms the Hotel Carnaval offers basic facilities with large rooms, free wifi in rooms and an outstanding location, right on the D’antony Hospital Boulevard, which has become the new trendy area in town with nice bars and restaurants. A great option if you are looking for a basic, comfortable, clean and most of all budget room. Telephone: (504) 2442 0151.

Hotel Posada del Caribe

Located on Highway CA13, right across the street from the Hotel Aurora. The hotel Posada del Caribe has a good central location and offers rooms at an affordable rate. With a total of 32 rooms and suites, the hotel is a nice medium sized property that will cater to your needs. Wi fi is available throughout the property. For more information call (504) 2442 8226.

Hotel Casa de España

A truly nice alternative located right in the downtown area of La Ceiba. Decorated with taste, and offering truly hospitable service, the Hotel Casa de Espana offers nice rooms and a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a good breakfast and outstanding views out towards the ocean. Telephone: (504) 2454 0210. Casa de Espana is one of the nice small downtown hotels in La Ceiba.

Hotel Portal de Honduras

A small intimate hotel located downtown, the Hotel Portal de Honduras will make you feel like at home. It’s 9 rooms are comfortable and clean. Telephone (504) 2440 0655

Hotel Italia

downtown La Ceiba hotels
Hotel Italia is located in downtown La Ceiba, very close to the San Isidro Market

Without doubt one of the nicer properties located within downtown La Ceiba. Rooms are nice, all with air-conditioning, cable TV, wifi. Property has a small pool and of course a restaurant bar. A small commercial area is also part of the Hotel Italia. For more information call (504) 2443 1098.

Hotel Caribbean

Located where the old Hotel Colonial used to be. The Hotel Caribbean is in the budget category and located almost across the street from the market. Its 52 rooms have air-conditioning and cable TV. There is no elevator in the building and there are many steps, so not a good place to spend the night if you have trouble climbing steps! Telephone: (504) 2443 1930.

Hotel Terramar

Located at the entrance to the Zona Viva, on the corner of Avenida 14 de Julio and 1ª Calle, the Hotel Terramar offers easy access to both the Zona Viva and the renovated historic dock and new boardwalk. Rooms are spacious, however the building itself, especially the exterior railings on the Oceanside could use some serious maintenance. Rooms are air-conditioned and have cable TV, and wifi. Rates are very reasonable and they have a restaurant on premises.

Apart Hotel Pico Bonito

A nice property located very close to the airport. Apart Hotel Pico Bonito is not to be confused with the Lodge and Pico Bonito, as they are different properties in very different locations. This hotel offers a total of 59 hotel rooms and fully furnished apartments for longer term customers who want to have the convenience of having more space in their rooms. The hotel offers a nice pool and restaurant. Telephone: (504) 2442 3442.

Villas del Mar

Some very nice fully furnished villas located in the wrong part of town. They are not on the beach, as you might suspect from the name, and although they are within walking distance to the beach, they are not in a neighborhood where you want to be out walking. If you are driving your own car, then the location is OK. For more information on Villas del Mar call (504) 2442 0083.

Hotel Catracho

Centrally located, and next to the Medicentro Clinics, the Hotel Cartracho is a good alternative if you are visiting town on a medical trip. The hotel however is a bit rundown. A total of 50 rooms, al with air-conditioninig and cable TV. Tiny pool and very limited cafeteria on premises.  Telephone: (504) 2440 2315.

Hotel Las Hamacas

Located on the CA13 highway in direction of Trujillo, Las Hamacas is a nice roadside hotel that offers a good affordable restaurant, a nice pool and spacious grounds. Rooms are  large and comfortable. Best of all, they offer complimentary transfers to the Ferry Terminal and free parking for your car while you are away on the islands. For more information, please call (504) 2440 5299.

Molina Resort

Not a resort, but more a city hotel, located on one of the main entrances to town, next to the Puma Santa Martha gas station. The Molina resort has a nice pool and a restaurant and garden area. Telephone: (504) 2443 7103.

Hotel Molina

Located almost across the street from the San Jose bus terminal in La Ceiba. Although it does not have a very enticing façade, the property does have a nice pool and some decent rooms. Telephone: (504) 2441 2490.

Hotel Rainbow Village

A small, 4 room property located almost across the road from the airport, Rainbow Village is a great option if you need to overnight close to the airport to catch an early flight out of La Ceiba. The Rainbow Village Hotel has some nice rooms as well as a pool and restaurant area. Service is outstanding and very friendly. German, English and Spanish spoken. They are more that happy to provide transfers to and from the airport. For more information call telephone: (504) 2408 5696.

Hotel Versalles

The Hotel Versalles offers a total of 31 rooms in a pleasant  setting one and a half blocks from the beach, in the zona viva area of La Ceiba. With a pool, a nice rooftop bar and all the facilities you would expect in a hotel including air-conditioning and cable TV. Telephone: (504) 2440 0691.

Hotel Principe

Located right downtown La Ceiba, on 8th Street, between San Isidro and Catorce de Julio Avenues. The hotel principe offers clean rooms in a great, although a bit hectic downtown atmosphere. With a total of 30 rooms, all with air-conditioning, cable TV and wifi, the Hotel Principe is a great budget property.  Telephone: (504) 2443 0516.