La Ceiba Medical Facilities

Did you Know that La Ceiba Medical Facilities are Outstanding?

Recently, I had to deal with what some would call a medical emergency in La Ceiba. I needed to take series of exams and get checked by a specialist. I can tell you that I was very happy with the medical facilities in La Ceiba! Following is a list of the different facilities available in town.

The D’Antoni Hospital

La Ceiba Medical Facilities
The D’Antony Hospital in La Ceiba offers outstanding medical facilities in La Ceiba.

Despite being a small city, La Ceiba medical facilities are above standard and actually very good! But why, you will ask, is this so? Well, for starters, remember that La Ceiba was the capital of the “Original Banana Republic”. This meant that executives from the banana company lived in La Ceiba and demanded good medical facilities. These were provided for at the Vicente D’Antony Hospital. This hospital, by the way, was once considered the best hospital in Honduras! (It is still one of the top medical facilities in the country).

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Hospital Atlantida

La Ceiba has one of the best public hospitals in Honduras.  The Hospital Atlantida Integrado, which was built a few years ago as a donation from South Korea.

La Ceiba has become a major hub for commerce and business on the north east coast of Honduras. As such, many people from the neighboring departments of Gracias a Dios, Colon and Yoro regularly travel to La Ceiba. They travel, either for shopping or other services. This has stimulated the growth of diverse activities, including medical services.

Medicentro Clinics

La Ceiba Medical Facilities
The best medical clinic center in Atlantida, Medicentro offers state of the art medical diagnosis equipment

As such, in addition to the still very good D’Antony Hospital, you will find facilities such as Medicentro. This is a clinical center where they offer a diversity of specialized services, including a variety of lab tests. Heck, you can even find a CAT scanner, magnetic  resonance imagining and of course ultrasounds of all types.

Best of all is the fact that many doctors and nurses there actually speak English. This means that you can easily communicate with them in the event that you need a medical checkup.

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EuroHonduras Hospital

la ceiba medical facilities
Eurohonduras Hospital is a German speaking medical facility in La Ceiba

There is a third hospital in La Ceiba that also offers outstanding service.  The Eurohonduras Hospital, which has is just across the street from the new boardwalk in La Ceiba. With a bit of luck, you might even get a room with an ocean view there! This hospital is owned by a German doctor who has lived many years in La Ceiba. This means that you can actually get a German speaking doctor in town!

As you can see, the different La Ceiba Medical facilities are outstanding and even World Class. While we hope you never need these services while visiting La Ceiba, it is always good to know that they are available, just in case…

Healing Centers in La Ceiba

Although not a medical facility, the USHA Village has obtained quite a reputation as a center to regain your health. Founded by Alfredo Bowman, AKA Doctor Sebi, this center is about 15 miles east of La Ceiba in direction to Trujillo. The Center has accommodations for its patients. Part of its treatment is based on therapeutic hot springs that are born within Nombre de Dios National Park.