La Ceiba Nightlife

La Ceiba Nightlife is Full of Options for Some Night Time Fun!

The La Ceiba nightlife activity has made the city famous as the party town in Honduras. Its historic maritime connections with New Orleans certainly influenced the city and gave it its festive mood, where nightclubs, bars and restaurants all mix to create a Caribbean City that never sleeps. The difficult economy in the years following Hurricane Mitch put a damper on the many different establishments in La Ceiba and the party scene, but La Ceiba is and always will be the party capital of Honduras. It you are looking for a destination where to have fun after the sun sets, then La Ceiba is just for you! La Ceiba night life is easy to come by. Regardless if its during the annual La Ceiba Carnival that takes place at the end of May, during Easter Week or any other date, you will always find it is easy to come by some truly great La Ceiba nightlife activities. Following is a list of the different establishments that are the most iconic of La Ceiba, and where you are sure to have some memorable fun time in La Ceiba!

Zona Viva Area Clubs and Bars.

The Zona Viva is the area where the traditional party scene took place in La Ceiba. It is located on the beach, between the old municipal dock and the mouth of the Cangrejal River as it flows into the Caribbean.  Over the years, many establishments have moved, and there are now two other areas were you will find establishments catering to the popular La Ceiba nightlife and entertainment businesses: The Avenida Morazan, aka D’Antony Hospital Boulevard, and the Paseo de los Ceibeños, on the beach towards the west of the Zona Viva.

Club La Vela

La Ceiba night life
Club la Vela, La Ceiba’s Beach Club offers day and night scenes!

Part of the upscale Hotel Quinta Real, Club La Vela is a family style recreation center during the day and turns into a pleasant seaside bar after dusk. On Sundays they have the best party in town, with live music to dance to. They offer a full restaurant menu as well as a full international bar. Prices are reasonable, there is plenty of parking and security is very good. This is a bar where families and couples go to and have a great time.

Caseta Deportiva Gorcha Collins

la ceiba nightlife
Caseta Gorcha Collins, the Honduras style sports bar in La Ceiba

Certainly one of the most unique establishments in La Ceiba! Gorcha Collins is a retired Honduran soccer player who established his own business. This is the Honduran version of a sports bar, which of course, only features soccer games!  The establishment is quite unimpressive, but has a lot of character. This is the best spot in town if you want to enjoy the true local flavor, with very affordable ice cold beers, some of the best guifitty in La Ceiba and a friendly atmosphere. Located in the Zona Viva, between the backside of the Quinta Real Hotel and the Next Level Karaoke Bar. Gorcha Collins is open daily from 5:00 p.m. till at least 11:00 at night, later on weekends. They do not accept credit cards.



La Ceiba Nightlife
Nazaru, the popular ocean front disco nightclub in La Ceiba

This is the oldest and most famous nightclub in town. Over the years it has changed names, but has always been a local favorite. Open Thursday to Saturday, Nazaru is a high end nightclub facing the beach. You will find that the party starts around 11:00 p.m. and continues till past dawn! Great drinks, ice cold beers and a limited snack menu are available. There is usually an entrance fee charged and security is very good.

La Palapa

La Ceiba nightlife
La Palapa, one of the favorite bars and nightclubs in La Ceiba

Probably the most popular restaurant bar in town. After hours, around 10:00 p.m. it transforms itself into a great nightclub scene, with occasional live music on weekends. Being almost next to the ocean, you catch the refreshing trade winds blowing from the Caribbean and the temperature is truly comfortable! Great atmosphere, good party scene and best of all, great drinks. Ask about their regular promotions with beer buckets which are always more affordable than when  purchased individually!

Next Level

The most popular karaoke bar in town. Next Level is located on the main street in the Zona Viva. This is the place for those who love to sing along and express their musical talent. They of course offer a full bar service and ice cold beer.

El Jaguar

night life in La Ceiba
The bar at La Casa del Jaguar serves original natural infusions you will love!

Located on the east end of the new La Ceiba Boardwalk, La Casa de el Jaguar is an eclectic bar offering interesting concoctions and cocktails. Take for example one of their popular drinks: the Devils’ semen, which is tequila with habanero pepper that will put fire on your throat as you swallow sips of it! La Casa de El Jaguar does not served bottled sodas, such as Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola products. It is open daily from 5:00 till late, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Occasionally they offer live music. A great place to watch the sunset every day! The setting is kind of a circular courtyard, with different atmospheres around it. With different levels, hidden passages and quaint hideouts, you can create the atmosphere you want here! Certainly one of the most unique spots in town to enjoy the famous La Ceiba nightlife activities!


2 Bar

La Ceiba Nightlife
Pleasant setting with a great view

This is the new popular bar in La Ceiba. It is located in the zona Viva, between the Quinta Real Hotel and the La Ceiba boardwalk. Great music, good cocktails, and great views of the boardwalk. This is the place to go in town! No cover charge, a nice selection of food and great booze. What more can you ask for? Choose between air conditioning inside or a nice lounge area outside. 2 Bar is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5:00 p.m. till the last client leaves. A limited food menu is available to guests, and includes chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, conch ceviche and bean anafres. Prices are very reasonable and the view is great.

Avenida 14 de Julio and San Isidro Area

Downtown Grill

La Ceiba Nightlife
One of the popular spots for expats in La Ceiba, downtown grill offers a great atmosphere.

Very popular with the expat crowd living in La Ceiba or visiting from the Bay Islands. Downtown Grill is a quiet bar, where no one will mess with you; you will have good service and meet foreigners who have made La Ceiba their home. Many expats will start their evening here and then move on to the Zona Viva for the diverse La Ceiba nightlife offered in that area.


La Ceiba nightlife
The old Expats serves as the setting for Sharkys Bar and Grill. Good times are had here!

In the old commercial space were the now defunct Expatriates Bar used to operate, 0101 has taken advantage of the old facilities and décor and basically opened the doors once again with a new name and a new menu. Nice open air space with an open terrace and a spacious area under a large thatched roof champa that keeps the area cool even on the hottest of days.

Avenida Morazan aka D’antony Hospital Avenue

The Garage Café Bar

la ceiba nightlife
The Garage Cafe is the only true sports bar in La Ceiba

The one and only true sports bar in town. The Garage Café offers a full service international bar, a nice menu with both appetizers and regular dishes and a pleasant atmosphere. They have some nice street-side tables of you want to be outside or the air-conditioned room inside. Of course you will find TV screens airing the most important sport events of the night. Closed on Mondays. Certainly a pleasant, more upscale version of La Ceiba nightlife alternatives.


La Ceiba Restaurants
Sebas Restaurant, in the Pink Zone of La Ceiba

The All American neighborhood bar and grill in town, Sebas offers a variety of dishes and pleasant bar area. This is a full service restaurant and a full service bar. You can choose between sitting at the bar counter or in the nice tables set in the bar area. A good place to get ice cold beers, cocktails and drinks with your favorite top counter brands a good snack to accompany your drink. Nice atmosphere, very safe. Open daily from 11:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.

The Beer Box.

La Ceiba night life
The best place for beer in La Ceiba.

Although not really in the D’antony Hospital Boulevard, it is very close by. It is the New Plaza Premier Toronjal, next to Diunsa and La Colonia. The Beer Box is open daily for lunch and dinner, and offers a variety of over 100 beers from around the globe! They also serve some good food. Menu includes an appetizer platter, burgers, fish and chips. If you prefer something more substantial, order a steak tenderloin or a surf and turf. Food is good, prices are fair and the atmosphere is perfect to chill and relax. Choose between air-conditioning or outdoor seating. It has quickly become one of the favorites in town! If you love ice cold beer, this is the place to go in La Ceiba!