La Ceiba Restaurants

La Ceiba Restaurants

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There are many different La Ceiba restaurants and eateries that offer something for every taste. Here is a list of what we consider are the best alternatives for dining in La Ceiba; please note that we are grouping them based on where they are located and in no particular order:

La Ceiba Restaurants in the “Pink Zone”: the D’Antony Hospital Boulevard:

El Jardin de Susana

Probably my favorite restaurant in town! El Jardin de Susana is located in the new “Pink Zone” of the city, along the D’antoni Hospital Avenue. Small and intimate garden dining with the best salad bar in town and food cooked by Susana herself. Susana is a local chef who has been in the restaurant business for many years. I run into her at the supermarkets in the mornings as she sets out to personally buy the different ingredients she needs on a daily basis, to insure their freshness.

The Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. It is located just around the corner from the Kielsa drug store right on the Avenue. Food is outstanding all of the time, service is friendly and prices are right. Menu includes a bit of everything, and while not extensive, you are sure to find just the right thing for your taste! The restaurant includes a full international bar, with ice cold beers and a limited selection of wines.


La Ceiba Restaurants
Sebas Restaurant, in the Pink Zone of La Ceiba

The local version of the All American Neighborhood Bar, Sebas is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. The second floor operates as a private room for meetings and events. The bar is very well stocked, with a variety of top shelf brand liquors. The menu includes a variety of appetizers, burgers and sandwiches, pastas as well as a variety of specialties: grilled steaks, pork ribs, chicken and Paella, which is certainly the best in town! Sebas is located on the D’antony Hospital Avenue, across the street from the Kielsa drug store. Prices are moderate to expensive by local standards, but a bargain by US and European standards; ask for their daily value meals which are very reasonably priced!


Sushi Totemo

An incredibly good sushi restaurant in the most unlikely place! Located inside the Uniplaza Shopping Center, Sushi Totemo is one of the most popular places in town for dinner, especially with the yuppy crowd that feels chic eating sushi. Incredibly original sushi in a basic commercial setting. Other alternatives include salads, rice, maki and sashimi  A truly interesting fusion of authentic Japanese sushi with some local ingredients result in a truly original and tasty sushi dinner. Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m., on Sundays from lunch from 11:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. This restaurant is usually very busy, so it is a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation with Jaime, the owner at (504) 2443 8100 or E-mail:

The Garage Cafe

Restaurants in La Ceiba
The Garage Cafe, a nice piece of Americana in La Ceiba. Restaurant, sports bar setting.

La Ceiba’s Sport Bar. Located on the D’Antony Hospital Avenue, The Garage Café offers a variety of TV screens with the most important daily sports events. The restaurant and bar is very cozy, and offers a variety of burgers and sandwiches, chicken wings as well as other appetizers, including cheeses. They offer a full international bar and truly ice cold beers. Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday. Their specialty dish is “pollo con mole” a Mexican spicy dish that appears under the name of Ciudad Juarez.

Nichas Burger

Restaurants in La Ceiba
Nichas Burger, best burgers in town according to my wife! (I don’t argue with her!)

Located across the street from the Uniplaza Mall, right on Avenida Morazan, aka D’Antoni Hospital Boulevard. Nichas Burger is the best hamburger joint  in town, offering tasty burgers and sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Burgers are real meat, and come with good fries and a soft drink. Beers are also available. A great family style restaurant with a kids play corner. If you are looking for a local burger in La Ceiba, this is the place to go!

Sabores de Colombia

An authentic Colombian restaurant featuring some of the best food from Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. Excellent sea food, plus typical dishes such as Pancocho, Chuzos de Carne and Patacon con todo, Bandeja Paisa and arepas amongst others.  Located on Avenida Morazan, aka D’Antony Hospital Avenue.  Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner, from 10:00 a.m. till midnight. Also offers a full service international bar. Sabores de Colombia offers a very nice pleasant setting.


One of the three locations that this great coffee shop has in town is located on Avenida Morazan, about a block from the Boulevard 15 de Septiembre, where the one and only stoplight in the Avenue is located. Cafeto offers great coffee, outstanding pastries and superb smoothies. Cafeto is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:00 a.m till 6:30 p.m. This is a great spot for breakfast! Seating includes a sidewalk setting as well as an inside air-conditioned room. They feature some of the best coffee from Marcala, Honduras.


La Ceiba Restaurants
Malka Restaurant in the Pink Zone of La Ceiba
Located right across the street from the Kielsa drug store, and a street and a house from Sebas Restaurant and Bar, Malka is a small family owned restaurant with outstanding service.

Mr. Grill

Located right next to Nichas Burger, Mr. Grill has carved itself a niche as the best place in town for smoked meats. You can get great smoked pork ribs, pull pork, brisket, smoked chicken and even smoked beef. In addition, they offer a couple of daily menus for quick meals that changes every day. Mr. Grill has become a great alternative for a quick lunch during any day of the week. They also serve ice cold beers and have a full bar service.

Tazas y Copas

wine bar in La Ceiba
The new Tazas y Copas Cafe & Wine Bar at La Ceiba

A great combination of coffee shop and wine bar in La Ceiba! Tazas y Copas is almost across the street from Sebas Restaurant in the D`Antony Hospital Avenue. Enjoy a great breakfast with freshly brewed coffee and pastries in the morning. Or perhaps you would prefer to  sip some great wine accompanied by a platter of varied cheeses. Tazas y Copas is open daily from 7:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. Atmosphere is pleasant, and you can choose between outdoor seating or air-conditioned indoor setting.  This is the only wine bar in town. 

La Ceiba Restaurants in The Zona Viva Along the Beach in La Ceiba:

Club La Vela

Located right on the beach, Club Las Velas offers a club like atmosphere that includes a nice pool, a great restaurant and bar. On Sunday it offers a very festive mood, usually with live music that you can dance to. La Vela offers an extensive menu, first class service, a spacious parking area and direct access to the beach. It has a great family atmosphere. Club La Vela is open daily from 10:00 a.m till 11:00 p.m.

El Guapo’s

La Ceiba Restaurants
Guapos Bar and Grill on the beachfront of the “Zona Viva”
One of the best local cuisine restaurants in town. El Guapo’s is located in the zona viva, within walking distance of the Hotel Quinta Real, and offers direct access to the beach. Their menu includes a variety of Ceibeno specialties, such as the pork chop platter. El Guapo is a great family restaurant. Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. till late. On Mondays they are only open for dinner from 4:00 p.m. Their seating includes tables on an open deck, ideal for night time dinning, a nice main area that is open to catch the nice sea breeze and a second floor area that they use for groups and special events. Sandra, the owner is usually on premises to greet her guests and make sure that they are happy with service and their food. Certainly a favorite in La Ceiba.

La Palapa

La Ceiba Restaurants
La Palapa Bar and Grill in the Zona Viva, La Ceiba
One of the most popular restaurants in town, La Palapa is located just across the street from the Quinta Real Hotel in the Zona Viva. Open daily for lunch and dinner, La Palapa transitions into a party scene after hours, being one of the truly popular bars in town. With a truly Caribbean atmosphere, with different terraces under thatched roofs, their menu is a fusion of Caribbean and Honduran cuisine. Selections include a bit of everything: chicken, beef, seafood, sandwiches and salads are all tasty, but their absolute specialty is the fish stuffed shrimp.  They are famous for serving some of the coldest beers in town, but also offer a variety of different tropical cocktails and traditional drinks. La Palapa is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:00 p.m. till late, especially on weekends. For reservations, call + ( 504) 9892-3679.

Cric Cric Burger

La Ceiba Restaurants
Cric Cric Burger, the beachfront burger shop in La Ceiba

The old La Ceiba burger shop, Cric Cric Burger has made a comeback! It is at the La Ceiba Boardwalk and offers a great place to relax and enjoy a good ole burger while you catch the fresh Caribbean breeze. Because it is at the Boardwalk, there is no beer or alcoholic beverages offered on premises. This makes it an ideal place to bring your family and simply enjoy seeing locals strolling past. It is particularly pleasant towards the afternoon and dusk hours, when the sun sets and the temperature cools down. 

La Ceiba Restaurants along San Isidro and 14 de Julio Avenues:


Downtown Grill

Downtown grill has become the popular hangout for English speaking expats living in La Ceiba, as well as for those living in the Bay Islands who come over to La Ceiba to take care of business. With good security, a discreet location, as well as outstanding food and drinks, you just can’t go wrong with Downtown Grill. They always have cute girls as waitresses, and the prices are simply right. Specializing in Cajun food, but offering a bit a everything in their menu. Downtown Grill is open daily for lunch and dinner. Located at Bo. La Merced. Ave. Ramón Rosa entre 15 y 16 calles, roughly one block to the backside of Antojitos Ceibeños, which is on Avenida 14 de Julio.

Bar Tratoria Pizzeria Mediterranea

Located almost on the Corner of 17th street and Avenida San Isidro, across the street from the Puma Gas Station, The Bar Tratoria Pizzeria Mediterranea serves the best pizza in town! Owned and managed by an Italian, who understands how a pizza should be, you will savor their pizza and pasta dishes. The restaurant does not have a sign outside, and is rather inconspicuous, as it seems more like a home, however you will notice a small champa and what looks like a garage, with a watchman usually standing inside.

Don’t be shy and walk on in! The dining area has a pool adjacent to it which can be used by the guests, making it a popular restaurant on really hot days! Service includes a full service bar with a limited wine selection. English, Spanish and Italian spoken on premises. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Take note that they do not accept credit cards!


Downtown La Ceiba Restaurants.


La Ceiba Restaurants
Cafetos outdoor terrace at the Casa Luisa Bed and Breakfast, next to Swinford Park in La Ceiba

Probably the most delightful coffee shop in La Ceiba! Cafeto’s has three distinct locations, but without doubt the nicest is right downtown almost across the street from the Swinford Park, under the Casa Luisa Bed and Breakfast. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and early evening coffee, Cafeto offers freshly brewed coffee from Marcala, located in Central Honduras, arguably some of the best in the World! Great breakfast, nice sandwiches and outstanding pastries. You will also love the healthy smoothies that are offered here. Of course they have wifi on premises for their guests. Open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch from 7:00 a.m. till 6:30 p.m. for more information, visit the Cafeto Web Page.


La Ceiba Restaurants
Cobel is one of the best places for breakfast in town. Try their “pastelitos” and “baleadas”

Probably the best known cafetería and restaurant in La Ceiba! Cobel is located right downtown, on Calle 8, between 14 de Julio and Atlantida Avenues. If you are looking for a good clean meal with a local taste at truly affordable prices, then Cobel is the place to go Cobel! Cobel is famous for its baleadas and “pastelitos” which are typical of La Ceiba. They consist of fried pastry stuffed with meat or chicken, very similar to the Argenitine and Uruguayan empanadas.   Cobel is open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch from 7:00 a.m till 5:00 p.m.  Try their freshly baked pastries, their delicious tropical drinks and their generous breakfasts, above all enjoy your meal!

La Plancha

One of the old timers in La Ceiba, La plancha has been around for a long time, and specializes on grilled steaks and seafood dishes. La Plancha is close to the soccer stadium, on the corner of 9th street, to the east of Avenida 14 de Julio. It is open daily for lunch and dinner. Personally, I love their lomo especial, a full pound of tenderloin steak cooked to perfection. Make sure you order it less cooked that you like, as it will be brought to the table on a hot grill and will continue to cook while you eat it!

Al Corral

Located right next to La Plancha, this restaurant offers typical Honduran style food, including carne asada, and of course beans. They have a good parrillada, offering a variety of different meats, which comes with tortillas, beans and chismol, a mixture of tomato, onion and green peppers. Prices are very reasonable and setting is informal. Located right next to La Plancha in Barrio El Iman. Open daily for dinner.


Another one of the oldest restaurants in town. The Palace is the grand daddy of Chinese food in town. Located right downtown, behind the La Ceiba Cathedral of San Isidro. Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Ki-Boc Café

La Ceiba Restaurants
A pleasant, bohemian atmosphere at Kiboc Cafe

A very pleasant, home style café restaurant with outstanding and relaxed atmosphere. The menu is very much based on healthy food and they offer several different vegetarian dishes to choose from. They offer wi fi for their guests, and even have a private room which can be used for business meetings or a family get together. Ki Boc is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try their famous Honduran Chilaquiles, arguably their most popular item on the menu!

La Ceiba Restaurants Along the CA13 Highway:

Wing 5

La Ceiba Restaurant
Wing 5 offers great burgers.
Located in Plaza Premier, between the cinemas and Asados El Gordo, Wings 5 offers great food. Specializing in wings, burgers and ribs, their menu also includes appetizers, salads, soups and pastas. The ribs are absolutely delicious! They also feature the only locally made beer from a local microbrewery in La Ceiba. Their bar located on the second floor functions as a sports bar and has a nice outdoor terrace as well as the air-conditioned inside room. Open daily for lunch at 11:00 a.m. and dinner till 11:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. on Sundays, 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and till midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Golden Palace

This is the more deluxe version of the Palace Hotel. Owned and managed by the same family, they offer the typical Chinese food they offer at the Palace Restaurant plus some non Chinese dishes. Located on the CA13 higway, at the entrance to town, they offer plenty of parking space, air-conditioned rooms and altogether great service. Full international bar. Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Las Hamacas

Located within the Hotel Las Hamacas, on the outskirts of town, in the direction of Trujillo, you will find this roadside restaurant that offers a variety of buffet style foods, including many local foods. Prices are very reasonable, and it is a great spot to grab a quick, very affordable meal if you are on the run. Because it is actually quite close to the detour towards the ferry dock, it is a great option to catch a bit on your way to or from the islands. Las Hamacas restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. On Sundays, it is open from 7:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. They offer complimentary wifi service for their guests.


Although not technically on the CA13 highway, it is not far from it. Arrecifes is on the road leading to the port facility where you take the ferry trips to Roatan and Utila. Arrecifes is open daily for lunch and dinner, and offers a menu specializing in seafoods and steaks. It has a pleasant, island atmosphere and a full service bar. It is considered by many as the best restaurant in La Ceiba, and is certainly amongst the most upscale and expensive eateries in town.