Sambo Creek Restaurants

Sambo Creek Restaurants

Sambo Creek is one the two Garifuna Villages that are part of La Ceiba. The community is due east of La Ceiba, at a distance of approximately 15 kilometers. (About 10 miles). The area offers many different thinks to do, such as the hot springs and a tour to the nearby Cayos Cochinos. There are also several hotels and of course, restaurants in the area. Some people argue that the best restaurants in La Ceiba are in Sambo Creek!

Following is our list of Sambo Creek Restaurants, where you can enjoy a good meal in town.

Villa Helen

Sambo Creek Restaurants
One of the best restaurants in Sambo Creek

Although just outside of Sambo Creek, on the east side of creek that gives to town its name, Villa Helen is an institution in town. Also referred to as Helen’s, this restaurant is within a small complex of cabins and hotel rooms. It is right on the beach, and offers a small pool, as well as direct access to the Caribbean Sea. Open daily for breakfast lunch and dinner from 7:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. Helen offers a complete menu, with seafood, fish, salads and sandwiches all available. English, French and of course Spanish are spoken on premises.


Sambo Creek Restaurants
Kabasa Restaurant on the Beach at Sambo Creek

The best known, and largest restaurant in Sambo Creek.  Kabasa is right on the beach where the main entrance to Sambo meets the Caribbean Sea. Kabasa is open daily for lunch and dinner. Their schedule is 10:00 a.m. till 8 p.m. Their seafood soup is famous and people drive to Sambo Creek just for the soup! They also have a complete menu including a variety of seafood options. Machuca, one the most traditional Garifuna dishes is available here. The restaurant is large, so reservations are not a must, but they are a good idea over the weekend. Call (504) 9565 2845 to make a reservation.

Kay’s Place on the Beach

Sambo Creek Restaurants
Located right on the Beach in Sambo Creek. A great alternative for lunch or dinner

Located within the “Zona Viva” beach area, at the east end of Town. Kay’s Place is a pleasant restaurant with great food right on the beach. Famous for its sopa marinera, as well as for the fish served here. The fish is always fresh, and can be a yellow tail, king fish or red snapper, depending on the day’s catch. A full international bar is open here. Make sure to try their “Guiffity” a unique Garifuna concoction. It is made with herbs, roots and other secret ingredients. Locals claim it has medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Kay’s Place is open daily for lunch and dinner from 10:00 a.m till 10:00 p.m. They close even later on weekends! They often have live performances of Garifuna dancers on weekend afternoons.  Pleasant setting with outstanding service.

Sea Watch

Sambo Creek Restaurants
The Sambo Creek party stop on weekends.

More that a restaurant, this is a party bar. If you are looking for a Garifuna Party atmosphere, this is the place. Open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. till midnight, sometimes later. They have an extensive roof top terrace that offers a great view of the Caribbean. It is also usually fresh with cool trade winds blowing from the sea. Sea Watch does have a restaurant menu which even has options for children. Of course, their menu is also based seafood. They have a full international bar with a large selection of liquors.

Restaurante Hermanos Avila

Sambo Creek Restaurants
A more affordable and basic restaurant in Sambo Creek.

Not as fancy, not on the beach, but Hermanos Avila does have a great reputation for their affordable food. If you are looking for something more authentic, less pretentious, and affordable this is always an option.

Nino’s Bar

Sambo Creek Restaurants
Nino’s Garifuna Bar on the Beach

Not a restaurant, but on the beach. If you need an ice cold  beer, or better yet, a shot of guiffity, this is the place. Open all day long. It is in the so called zona viva, where Sea Watch and Kay’s Place are. Cheers!