Things to do in La Ceiba

Things to do in La Ceiba

There are so Many Different Things to do in La Ceiba, you Will Have a Hard Time Deciding Which to do!

If there is one destination in Central America that offers a true sample of eco adventures, it is La Ceiba! There are so many things to do in La Ceiba. You should plan on spending several days in the area. Even then you will need choose which are the activities that entice you the most.

La Ceiba is considered the eco tourism capital of Honduras. There is a reason for this: with 4 diverse National Parks and protected areas within easy reach from La Ceiba.

You can choose an exhilarating white water rafting trip down the Cangrejal River Area. The rafting here is the only year round regularly scheduled white water rafting in Honduras! Adventure filled hours literally flying from tree top to tree top in one of the zip line Canopy Tours available within La Ceiba is another option. If you prefer silently paddling through mangrove canals you can sneak up on curious monkeys as they relax in the top of mangrove forests in beautiful natural marine estuaries. You can do this at Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge and at the Cacao Lagoon. The latter is part of the Nombre de Dios National Park, close to Sambo Creek.

Then again, you can choose to hike through the tropical rainforest. There you can search for over 200 tropical bird species identified within Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks. Or how about hiking to the top of a secluded waterfall and then rappelling down its face to the bottom? Perhaps your cup of tea is horseback riding through local communities and in jungle trails. If so, Omega Tours offers a great horse back riding tour!

But then, perhaps you prefer to visit some pristine tropical isles in the Caribbean. There you can go snorkeling in some of the best preserved reefs in the Western Caribbean Sea. If this is the case, Cayos Cochinos is just for you!

Need a break after all of the above activities? Visit our natural spa!

Last but not least, you may find that after all that adventure, you might need to relax in a natural spa. The hot springs in the Nombre de Dios Mountains, just behind the Garifuna Community of Sambo Creek offer the perfect setting to soothe your muscles. Get a relaxing massage, and an invigorating mud bath.  And then of course, you have the Garifuna people. Their unique culture has been awarded the status of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. Yes all of the above is easily available for your enjoyment and adventure using La Ceiba as a hub!