White Water Rafting in La Ceiba

White Water Rafting in La Ceiba

Did you Know That White Water Rafting in La Ceiba is Possible?

There is one and only one place in Honduras where you can go white water rafting. Rafting is available here on a regular basis, on any given day. Best of all, it is a challenging river that is always lots of fun. You will surely want to go back for a repeat session. The River is the Cangrejal River and is offers some fantastic white water rafting in La Ceiba.

It’s hard to determine what makes the Cangrejal River so special for rafting. Some argue that it is the huge building size boulders that create falls and pools along the route. Others say that it is because it offers a fairly technical run which demands teamwork and concentration. Still others claim that it is the perfect temperature of the rivers water. Finally others claim that it is because the magnificent green scenery on both banks of the river which belong to two different national parks. Others claim that it is the easy access from town to the river’s put in. In any case, all of the above agree that the white water rafting in La Ceiba in the Cangrejal River a is World Class unforgettable experience.

The white water rafting in La Ceiba is reason enough for you to include a stop here during your trip through Honduras and Central America. There are three different rafting outfitters that provide rafting trips. The trips are typically a half day tour, some include lunch, like Omega Tours. Others, like La Moskitia Ecoaventuras and Jungle River Rafting do not. They all, however, offer trained guides who have been certified by the International Rafting Federation. They also provide all of the necessary equipment, such as helmets and life vests to practice this exhilarating sport.

Best of all is the fact that you can actually stay in a lodge at the Cangrejal River and enjoy the peaceful jungle atmosphere before or after your tour. Lodging like La Villa de Soledad B&B offers outstanding comfort, hi speed wifi and innkeepers that will to out of their way to make you feel comfortable during your visit. For an unforgettable experience, plan on spending at least one night at the Cangrejal River Valley. You will find that it will be one of the highlights of your trip to Honduras and Central America!