Zip Line Canopy Tours in La Ceiba

Zip Line Canopy Tours in La Ceiba

Two different Zip Line Canopy Tours in La Ceiba offer a rush of adrenaline for you!

Zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba are some of the best in Honduras! La Ceiba has two different options for those looking for this fun and extreme adventure. Both are located within National Parks and offer a great opportunity to experience the tropical jungles of Central America.  Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying through the tree tops.

One of the zip lines is located within the Cangrejal River Valley. It has a nice setting that takes you across the lovely and scenic Cangrejal River into Pico Bonito National Park. This zip line canopy tour in La Ceiba is owned and operated by Jungle River Tours. The facilities are 8 km outside of town on the main road that leads from La Ceiba to Yaruca following the Cangrejal River.

The tour has a total of 7 cables, with the first and last crossing over the river. Jungle River Lodge offers a great setting to relax and enjoy a cold beer or soft drink after the tour. While you do, enjoy the lovely scenery in the Cangrejal River and Pico Bonito National Park. Bring your bathing suit because you will not resist the temptation of jumping into the refreshing waters of the river after the tour!

The second zip line is in the Nombre de Dios National Park. It is in the vicinity of the Garifuna Village of Sambo Creek. This facility is longer, and boasts a total of 13 cables. The longest being almost one mile long! Here, you will enjoy views from the mountain of the Caribbean Sea far below. These include great views of the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument reserve. You will also be flying right over some boiling hot springs that spew sulphur into the air. After the zip line tour, enjoy a soothing bath in the natural hot springs. The water cascades down the mountains forming small pools where you can enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the jungle. The services offered by the Sambo Creek Canopy Tour include a massage and a mud bath in their natural hot springs.