Tela Atlantida

Tela Atlantida

Tela Atlantida, Honduras’ Premier Beach Destination.

Once the headquarters for the Chiquita Banana operations in Honduras; Tela Atlantida is a lovely small beach town. It has great beaches, abundant nature, and best of all friendly people. It is only 90 km east of San Pedro Sula, and 75 km from San Pedro Sula International airport. This makes it an easily accessible destination. The current government has hired a construction company to expand the road between El Progreso and Tela from a 2 lane highway to a 4 lane highway. This will make the trip between both cities a breeze, and will cut the travel time between both cities.  The road is currently being rebuilt and expanded. It will be ready by the end of 2018.

Tela Atlantida boasts two golf courses. The crown pearl being the new Gary Player designer course at Indura Beach Resort. The city also has some of the best beach hotels in Honduras. This makes it the most popular beach destination within the country.

Tela is a beautiful bay which is fringed with Garifuna Villages and crowned with two national parks. Tela is truly an idyllic beach town. Easy to get to from both San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, via the CA13 highway. This highway connects San Pedro Sula with the cities of Tela, La Ceiba and Trujillo. Tela Atlantida offers many different beach activities for your enjoyment. Some of the largest and most elegant beach resorts in Honduras are this beautiful bay.

Tela shares a spectacular bay with several different Garifuna Communities. It is therefore a great place to become familiar with the Garifuna culture. UNESCO gave this culture the status of Cultural Heritage of Humanity due to its unique language and traditions. During the hot months of March, April and May, Tela becomes a very popular day tour for Honduran citizens over the weekends. Due to the above, you will surely enjoy your stay here more on weekdays than weekends. If at all possible, plan on avoiding the weekend during those months! If you do visit on a weekend, make sure that you visit the new Tela Museum that is in the old Tela Railroad Company Accounting building.

Although a small town, Tela offers just about anything you need. There are several banks that operate within the city. They all have ATM machines in Tela where you can get cash advances if you need to make cash purchases. Best of all, getting to Tela is easy! It is close to San Pedro Sula, and the new CA13 highway expansion will make it a short 45 minute trip for there. Another highway expansion is underway between La Barca and El Progreso. This will connect with the CA5 highway to Tegucigalpa, cutting the travel time by a good 45 minutes. Last, but not least. the San Pedro Sula international airport is only 75 km west of Tela!