Getting to Tela

Getting to Tela From the San Pedro Sula Airport

Tela is halfway between San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. This makes it easy to get to if you are traveling to Tela from an international hub. The San Pedro Sula International Airport is the busiest airport in Honduras. It is the only one that is open 24 hours a day in Honduras. Airlines, such as Aeromexico, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit Air, Tropic Air and United all have scheduled flights into San Pedro Sula.

The easiest and fastest way of getting to Tela from the San Pedro Sula airport is to take an airport cab. The airport is on the eastern side of San Pedro Sula. This means that you are already on the road to Tela as you exit the San Pedro Sula Airport. A transfer from the airport to Tela should cost you around $75 dollars. If you are a party of two or more, this is a bargain! You will be at the beach in Tela within a short hour of departing the airport!

Getting to Tela from the San Pedro Sula Bus Terminal

The other alternative is to take an airport cab to the San Pedro Sula Bus Terminal. The ride should cost you around $20 US dollars. Once there, you can choose between several bus companies that provide service to Tela. In my opinion, your best bet is Transportes Cristina. They have a formal bus terminal in Tela, and have frequent departures. They also use large Mercedes Benz buses with plenty of room for your luggage. Tela Express also has frequent departures, but they use smaller mini buses. Their Toyota Coasters that are more limited as far as luggage is concerned.

Rent a Car and Drive Yourself to Tela

Then of course, you can always rent a car and drive yourself to Tela. The route is strait forward and you would have a difficult time getting lost! Take the CA13 highway towards the east as you leave the airport. You will soon arrive at the city of El Progreso. Follow the traffic and signs towards Tela. After El Progreso, keep going until you get to Tela. A short note to inform you that the highway between El Progreso and Tela is currently under construction from a two lane to a four lane road. This means that there is some highway construction going on.

As a general rule, I recommend not to drive on Honduras highways at night. The reason? You will find nasty potholes, stray cattle and trucks without any taillights on the road. Avoid the stress and stay off the roads after dark!

Getting to Tela from Other Cities in Honduras

If you are coming from Tegucigalpa or Copan Ruinas, you will first need to get to San Pedro Sula and then take the bus to Tela. This is an easy operation, as all bus companies use the San Pedro Sula Bus Terminal. If you are coming from La Ceiba, then your best alternative is to take the Cristina Bus Company to Tela. They have frequent departures and are reliable and safe. A second alternative would be Transportes Mirna.

La Ceiba has an international airport that has regular service by Cayman Airways from Grand Cayman. They have good connections from Miami, Tampa and Washington DC, and many locals use them on those routes. If you are landing at Goloson International Airport, you can hire a local airport cab to take you to Tela. The cost should be around $75 US for the trip.

If you are in the Bay Islands, then you will probably take the Roatan or Utila Ferry to La Ceiba. Once in La Ceiba, go to the offices of Transportes Cristina and get on the bus to Tela. As you can see, getting to Tela is a piece of cake! Enjoy your stay in Tela!