Tela National Parks

Tela National Parks

There are a Total of Three Tela National Parks:

The westernmost destination within Atlantida offers three Tela National Parks or protected areas. This makes it a great destination for nature lovers who want to share their vacation time between the beaches and nature. Since Tela is halfways between San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, you can even plan on visiting one of these areas if you are not actually spending the night in Tela. Travel time from both, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba to Tela is under 1 ½ hours!

Most of the alternatives that the Tela National Parks offer are marine related. The exception is the Lancetilla Botanical Garden. This site will allow you to get close up the tropical rain forests of Central America. If you have interest in Nature and Honduras National Parks, Tela offers great alternatives for you to enjoy.

The three Tela National Parks are the following:

Jeannette Kawas National Park

Punta Izopo National Park

Lancetilla Botanical Gardens