Punta Izopo National Park

Punta Izopo National Park

A Little Visited Jewel in Tela: Punta Izopo National Park

Punta Izopo National Park is a small Park in the east of Tela Bay. It consists of a small mountain that is within swamps and mangrove forests. The mountain is known as “Sal si Puedes” something like “leave if you can”! This happens to be is a pretty good description of the topography and vegetation of the park.

Punta Izopo National Park includes a coastal section with nice beaches. It also has a small lagoon that is fed by the Rio Platano (not to be confused with the Rio Platano of the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve in the Moskito Coast) and the Rio Hicaque; both of which help form the swamps and mangrove forests within the park.

The easiest access to Punta Izopo National Park is via the Garifuna Community of Triunfo de la Cruz. This is the oldest Garifuna Village in mainland Honduras. There are no trails along the park. However you can experience the tropical mangrove forests. Garifuna Tours and Eco Di Mare Tours are Tela based tour operators that offer tours to Punta Izopo.

Their tours consist of one and two person sit on top sea kayaks featuring you as the main actor of this adventure!  You will be provided with a kayak, a life vest and a paddle. The guide will accompany you as propel yourself around the lagoon and mangrove canals. It is a great way to sneak up to the wildlife in the swamps. Your chances of seeing alligators, howler and capuchin monkeys, as well as a variety of marine birds are very good.

Your clothes may get wet during the tour, so plan accordingly. Bring a good hat and of course your camera in a watertight container. (zip lock bags are awesome for smaller cameras). You can also bring some insect repellent and sun block, as you will be in the sun for some good time. This is the perfect to way to spend an action filled day without a lot of stress or effort!