ATM Machines in Utila

ATM machines have become part of our daily lives. We use them at home on a regular basis, and we expect to find them when we travel. It makes traveling easier and safer. Traveling with lots of cash on you is a bad idea! When traveling through third world countries, we always find that ATM machines are not as common as they are back home. The smaller the community, the less likely at ATM machine will be available.

So you have probably asked yourself: Are there any ATM machines in Utila?

ATM machines in Utila
Banco Atlantida ATM machine in Utila

The answer is yes! There are two different ATM machines in Utila. Both are close to each other. They are also close to the municipal dock. The first of the ATM machines in Utila is at Banco Atlantida. This is the only bank in Utila. It is across on the corner across the street from the Municipal Dock. You cannot miss it as it well marked. The second one is about 150 yards to the east. This would be to the right if you are coming off the ferry to the Municipal Dock. Both of these ATM machines in Utila are well marked and convenient. They belong to  different banks. This means that should your card not work with one, it should work with the other one. Hopefully, it will work with both ATM machines in Utila!

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ATM machines in Utila
ATM Machine in Utila

In addition to these ATM machines, you will be happy to hear that most of the larger businesses on the island will accept your credit card as a form of payment. Some of them may want to charge you an extra percentage if you pay them with your card. Although not illegal, it is not ethical. When a business signs an agreement with a credit card company, it commits to not make any more charges. So you may fight this charge and they should not apply it to you.

I hope that you find our info about the ATM machines in Utila useful! Enjoy your stay in Utila!