Pulha Waterfalls

A visit to “Pulha”

The majestic Pulha Waterfalls!

Twenty somewhat years ago, when I first came to Honduras, I had the chance to visit the Pulhapanzak Waterfalls. These have long been a source a pride for Hondurans. Unlike many spectacular waterfalls around the world, these falls are easy to get to. As a general rule, going back to a place that you visited in the past can be disappointing. Progress, especially in in natural sites, rarely enhances the beauty of the location. The falls have a total of 43 meters, or about 142 feet free-fall to the bottom pool!

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The Pulha Waterfall Cabins offer the perfect setting to relax in a natural setting.

I knew that many additions had been made to the site, and was expecting the worse. Yet, I am happy to say that as a general rule, changes have been for the better! A small hotel, consisting of a few log cabins is know open. The Pulha Waterfall Cabins facility includes a nice pool, pleasant gardens, and even a bonfire site! The cabins are nice, and include all the amenities you would like. They all have a private bath, hot water, air-conditioning, etc. They even have a small porch with a hammock to relax in ! A restaurant is also on premises to serve your meals. Imagine falling to sleep with the thunderous roar of the waterfalls in the background!

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What to do in Pulha

Tourist having a blast as she crosses over the Waterfalls in Pulha!

Another new addition is a zipline canopy tour. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of zip lines…

Despite the above, this facility is quite nice, well put together, and above all, safe! They have one of the few zip lines with two cables and a double pulley! Part of their marketing has been to shorten the name. Pulhapanzak is almost like a tongue twister! So they are marketing the site as “Pulha”. The name is definitely shorter and more appropriate for marketing purposes. The zip line has a total of 10 cables.

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Not good at selfies, but here it goes to prove I was there!

The route is a crisscross over the river, taking you right over the falls! I did not do the zip line; yet I had a blast just looking at a group of young North American Tourists zip back and forth across the river and over the falls!

In addition to the zip line, and just looking at the stunning falls, you can arrange a tour to the caves. These caves are actually behind the falls, and you will need to get wet to get there. The tour is awesome and worth your money. Do not try to do it on your own, as there are slippery areas that can be dangerous. The local staff will be more than happy to help you out.

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Last but not least, make sure you take your camera to document your visit to Pulha. A nice picture sign has been set up so that you have the falls as a background.  If you time it right, you may even get a snapshot of an adventurer flying over the falls in the zip line!

Getting to Pulha.

If you are in San Pedro Sula, getting to Pulha is easy. Go to the bus terminal and take a bus to El Mochito. This bus takes the route through Rio Lindo up a steep hill towards Pena Blanca. Let the bus driver and helper that you wish to get off in San Buenaventura. This is a small town that is about 2 miles from the falls. There you can hitch a local cab to take you to the site. You can also walk through the town. The area is safe and the locals are friendly and used to seeing tourists.

A tour of Pulha is a must do if you are staying in the Lake Yojoa area. Most hotels offer a tour there, and can give you instructions if you want to do it on your own.  D&D Brewery and Lodge offer a nice tour that guests always enjoy.

Mark my words, if you are traveling through the Lake, do not pass on the chance to visit these falls. They reputedly inspired the falls that you see in the Disney Jungle Book animation film!

Visit the Honduras Central Heartland and discover the real Honduras. Enjoy the friendly people and learn about the country’s history at the same time!