Chic Coffee in Honduras.

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chic Honduras Coffee
Brewing a delicious cup of coffee

Honduras has gained a reputation as a producer of quality export coffee. The country even has two different denominations of origin for its coffees. Café de Marcala and Western Honduran Coffee are high quality coffees. Most people in Honduras will claim that the really high quality coffee is all exported, and only the lower quality is left in Honduras. How far from the truth!

I remember visiting the coffee producing region of Nicaragua a few years ago. It was surprising to find select coffee shops in Matagalpa and Jinotega. I wondered why this was not a trend in Honduras yet. Well let me tell you that is has become a popular trend in Honduras. Many of the top coffee producers are now opening up their own gourmet coffee shops and serving their coffee.

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Copan Ruinas Serves Locally produced Chic Honduran Coffee

Copan Ruinas is perhaps the best example, but not the only one. There are at least 4 coffee producers that have their own coffee shops in town. Café Miramundo, Café Welchez, Café San Isidro and Café San Rafael. Each one of these has a gourmet coffee shop in town, where you can relax and enjoy a special cup of coffee.

Café San Isidro has a nice coffee shop in Copan under the name of Casa Ixchel. There, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee produced in the Finca San Isidro, just outside of town. If you want a chic coffee in Honduras, ask for the V60 coffee brew.

This is an at the moment brew, prepared with fresh ground coffee. They use a technique that you can see, and enjoy while they brew your own cup of coffee. Start with grinding your coffee beans. A unique V60 ceramic brewing cone is fitted with a paper filter. First, they rinse the filter with hot water, to take away any taste of paper. Then the y add the coffee and finally pour the hot water. The ceramic brewer has some ridges that helps filter the coffee and get a uniform brew.

Chic Honduran Coffee is Also Available in La Ceiba

Your V60 brewed coffee will be ready in a few minutes. Savor the unique aroma of your coffee. Discover that it is possible to enjoy a chic coffee in Honduras. I had the opportunity to enjoy a cup of this special brew in La Ceiba. Cafeto, the best coffee house in town buys their coffee from Café San Isidro. They are the only spot in town where you can enjoy this outstanding coffee. If you love coffee, come and check for yourself. A word of warning, it can be addictive! Cafeto has three outlets in La Ceiba: Medicentro, Masapan and D’antony Boulevard.