Copan Dry, a Local Bottled Soft Drink From Honduras.

Every country has some unique bottled soft drink. Heck, some countries have many of them. As a kid, growing up in Mexico City, I used to love to drink a “Yoly” lemon soda. I could only do so when we traveled to Acapulco for the holidays. It was part of the treat when traveling!

Honduras has several different bottled soft drinks that are unique to Honduras. The local Coca Cola bottling company produces flavored soft drinks under the name of Tropical. The most popular flavors are banana, grape and orange. On a personal level, I think that the banana flavored drink is ghastly! But then, Hondurans love it…

Copan Dry
A fruit punch Copan Dry sof drink.

Another local brand is the Copan Dry. My only guess is that the owners thought that it would be cool to copy the Canada Dry brand and make it local. Thus, the birth of Copan Dry soft drinks. Copan Dry should get a prize for persistence. Hondurans claim that the Coca Cola bottler in Honduras, did not want any competition. Thus, they did their best to block any competition.

Reputedly, they would go out and buy every single bottle of Copan Dry and then destroy the bottles. Thus the small bottler from Santa Rosa de Copan would have a terrible time keeping up with production. Whether this tale is true or not I have no clue. I do know that the locals from Copan were all convinced that this was the case.

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The fact is that Copan Dry survived. You can even buy it in different supermarkets in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. But it is especially available in Santa Rosa de Copan, where they bottle it. The drink comes in several different flavors. These include fruit punch, banana, orange, lemon, and others. Its regular presentation is in a small glass bottle. However, they also are offered in a more generic plastic non returnable bottle.

When in Santa Rosa de Copan, make sure you order a Copan Dry at anyone of the restaurants in town. Not only will they surely carry it, they are proud of it! A visit to Santa Rosa de Copan without having at least one Copan Dry soft drink is never complete. You can also find Copan Dry in many of the restaurants in Copan Ruinas.  The same is true for Gracias.

My favorite flavor is the fruit punch. Yes, I did have a Copan Dry during my recent visit to Santa Rosa de Copan. It is always a delightful moment that allows me to connect to wonderful people of Copan, Honduras and their particular tastes.

I must confess that I am in synchrony with Copan. My lovely wife, Soledad is from Copan Ruinas, and one of our sons was born in that lovely town. A Copan Dry soft drink takes me back to the days when we were courting. The rest is a happy story that I cherish!