Copan Tourism Awards 2016

The prestigious Copan Tourism Awards 2016 edition took place last night in Tegucigalpa. The Gala dinner was at the Honduras Maya Hotel. This is one of the most significant landmarks in Tegucigalpa. The Ceremony, recognizes the efforts of individuals and corporations to the development of Tourism in Honduras. This is a gala dinner event. The award is co sponsored by the Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT) and the National Chamber of Tourism (Canaturh).

The event usually takes place close to the International  Tourism Day. The celebration takes place on 27th of September worldwide. It is common that the President of Honduras is present at the event to deliver the award. This year, Emilio Silvestri, director of the IHT represented him.

In order to propose a candidate, there are several criteria to meet. One of them is inclusion of local communities into tourism. Another important element is the sustainability of tourism. The individual contribution towards the development of tourism is also an item to consider.

The Gala Event is a must to attend if you are a stake holder with interest in tourism in Honduras. This is where the cream of the crop meets once a year to celebrate the advances in tourism for Honduras. This year, the star singer was Guillermo Anderson. The singer was awarded the Copan Prize several years ago because of his outstanding contribution to Honduran Culture. Sadly Guillermo passed away less than a year after this ceremony. His farewell was a true tribute and a last good bye from all the people in Honduras.

Copan Tourism Awards 2016 Individual Category Finalists

This year, the finalists to the event in the individual category where the following. Mr. Emilio Hercules Rosa, owner of the Hotel Villas de Ada in Gracias, Lempira. Mr. Armando Funes, general manager of Hotel Latitud 15 in San Pedro Sula. Finally Mr. Oscar Cruz, who for years was the director of the Copan Archaeological Park.  

The winner was Don Armando Funes. Don Armando is an active tourism leader. He deserves the award. Mr. Funes has been active in the aviation sector, having worked for Lacsa, Taca and Avianca Airlines. He has presided the Association of Honduran Airlines. He has also been a longtime border member at CANATURH. Many congratulations to Don Armando Funes!

Copan Tourism Awards 2016 Institutional Category Finalists:

Copan Tourism Award 2016
Armando Funes, proud winner of the Copan Tourism Award 2016

In the institutional category, also had three finalists. They were Aldeas Globales, who manages the Panacam Lodge in Lake Yojoa. The second one is Barefoot Cay, a lovely boutique hotel in Roatan. Finally, the Presidente Hot Springs in Gracias, Lempira. The award went to Aldeas Globales, represented by Mr. Chet Thomas. Aldeas Globales helps the the local communities around the park improve their quality of living. They work in the area around Lake Yojoa. They have come a long way in expanding life opportunities to rural communities. Panacam Lodge is one of the leading birding lodges in Honduras. Many congratulations to Mr. Thomas and his team for a well deserved award!

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If during your travels through Honduras keep your eyes open to persons worthy of the award. If you find a person or institution that you believe is fit for this recognition, please contact us. We, at Honduras Travel would be happy to help you nominate your candidates! The selection process is confidential. The winner is not known until the ceremony itself. Price, Waterhouse, Coopers international auditors audit the process.

Our sincere congratulations to all those that got nominated!