The Devil Went Down to Tegus

It seems the Devil went down to Tegus, he was looking for a soul to steal…

Remember that musical hit from the year 1979 by the Charlie Daniels Band that went “… the Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal…” It seems that since he did not fare well in Georgia, where he actually lost his gold fiddle in a wager, he decided to try his luck in Tegus, as the locals call their city, Tegucigalpa. Tegus, being the largest city in Honduras, seemed like a good spot for him to find a few souls to win…

The devil went down to tegus
Statue of St. Michael Archangel in Plaza de los Dolores, Tegucigalpa. Looks like the Devil is in trouble!

So  the Devil went down to Tegus,  and I can confirm that he ran into some problems in Tegus… You see, the city’s Patron Saint is St. Michael Archangel, and it appears that he was not willing to have the devil freely roaming the streets of his city, so he cornered him, and last time I saw them St. Michael Archangel had his foot on the Devils head!

I love to stroll downtown Tegus. The Central Park, also known as Plaza Morazán, and where you will find the Cathedral of St. Michael Archangel is a great spot to start your Tegucigalpa experience. Nearby, within a couple of blocks you can find hidden treasures, such as the Church of Las Mercedes, the National Art Gallery, the old typography building, the Museum of National Identity, the old Presidential house, and many more.

the devil went down to tegus
The Church of Los Dolores in Tegucigalpa

The pedestrian street, named “Paseo Liquidambar” offers a great opportunity to see into daily life in downtown Tegucigalpa, one of the larger metropolis in Central America. A couple blocks from Central Park you will find the Plaza de los Dolores, in front of the lovely colonial church that gives the plaza its name. It is here where you will find the Devil in an uncomfortable position, with his head between the floor and St. Michael Archangel’s foot! I guess he is in a tight situation, because I have not seen him manage to wrestle out of this situation, which is good news, as you can roam downtown Tegus without the risk of running into him!

Museo de Identidad Nacional, National Identity Museum, Tegucigalpa

Explore the heart of Tegucigalpa, and you will feel the charm of an old city, that is 480 years old, that was the most important mining center in Central America during colonial times and became the Capital of Honduras in the 1880. In addition to the many museums, some of the more iconic businesses in town are to be found in the downtown area. Try for instance Tito Aguacate, a local bar located one block behind the Cathedral, where congressmen meet occasionally to enjoy a “Calambre” a local beverage served only here! If you are interested in staying in the downtown area, consider the McArthur Hotel, which together with the Plaza are the best downtown properties to stay in.