Earth Day 2016

Celebrate Earth Day 2016 visiting Atlantida, Central Americas Most Complete Destination!

Today we celebrate Earth Day 2016, and there is no better day to launch the image, marketing efforts and new video for our up and coming destination: Atlantida. Atlantida is a very complete destination, offering outstanding beaches, great reefs, the Garifuna Culture, which has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO; but perhaps its greatest asset is a total of 8 national parks or protected areas that exist within its territory.

These 8 areas represent the most complete and varied set of habitats that you will find easily accessible and within reach of each other in all of Central America!  Surely this is a strong statement to make on Earth Day 2016, but the 4 national parks include marine coastal lands, tropical rainforests, tropical cloud forests and even very dry tropical forests. In addition, the largest experimental botanical garden in the Americas, Lancetilla Botanical Gardens provides a unique setting with a protected biological reserve that is under constant study and professional, scientific investigation.

Two wildlife refuges, Texiguat and Cuero y Salado protect the local wildlife, including some species that are considered threatened due to habitat loss, like the Antillean Manatee and the largest feline of the Americas: the Jaguar.

Lastly, the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument offers a magnificent view to some of the best preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean, in a lovely pristine setting. Yes launching Atlantida on Earth Day 2016 is an excellent tribute to both nature, and the people of Atlantida.

Atlantida has two main hubs, Tela and La Ceiba, and the launching event took place in Tela, at the historic Tela Railroad Company Accounting Building in front of the beach in Tela.

For more information about Atlantida, visit their official webpage: or download their free app for your smart phone, it is available for free from the apple store for your Iphone of from your Google store for your Android operating system.

Happy Earth Day 2016, and remember, the best way to celebrate Earth Day 2016 is by visiting Atlantida and discovering all of the nature and culture to be found in this great destination, where you will find the best of both, Central America and the Caribbean!

For an introduction to Atlantida, check their new promotional video: