Fantasy in Utila Honduras

Would you Believe it is Possible to Live a Fantasy in Utila Honduras?

Once in a blue moon, a creative person can make a fantasy come true. Perhaps the most universal of all fantasies is the Magic Kingdom built by a dreamer by the name of Walt Disney. Disney was able to imagine a unique World, where fantasies do come true, and where everybody, regardless of their age would actually be engulfed into a unique world, where the daily reality of life disappears into a World of Fantasy.

It takes a unique creative mind to imagine a Fantasy and then make it come true; an art teacher from Los Angeles found the inspiration to do just that in a small island in the Caribbean: Utila. Neil Keller has lived in Utila for over two decades, and during that time he has created a unique fantasy in Utila Honduras!

fantasy in Utila Honduras
Entrance to the realm of Fantasy in Utila Honduras

He started by building his home, with a unique restaurant in the ground floor. He scavenged and salvaged unique pieces from old homes and furniture that everyone on the island saw as garbage, and ended up creating an eclectic atmosphere, with bronze portholes from old ships, old tin and bronze bed boards became benches in his restaurant, and elaborate wood designs from old homes where used to create a special detail here and there. The Restaurant is the Jade Seahorse, and it is a unique site to visit! Neil’s passion for antiques pushed him into becoming a collector of old coins, tokens, bank bills, post cards and other memorabilia from the early days of Honduras as a Banana Republic.

Nightland Cabins, Utila’s Boutique Hotel

Fantasy in Utila Honduras
The Grounds at the Jade Seahorse / Nightland Cabins, a dream come true!

Neil continued his creation with Nightland cabins, a one of a kind boutique hotel located in his home’s  back yard. He created 6 totally different hotel rooms. Each with its own character and personality, and named according to the theme that inspired him to build each self standing room. Neil does not like to work with blueprints, and therefore personally builds everything just as he dreams it up in his mind! He considers blueprints too constraining…

fantasy in Utila Honduras
A view towards one of the Cabins at Nightland Cabins, Utila

Nightland cabins have become a unique spot to visit in Utila. Regardless of whether you stay there or not, a visit to the Jade Seahorse, the Nightland Cabins and the Treetanic Bar is a must for every visitor that comes to the island of Utila. Stroll through the garden, under the centuries old tamarind and mango trees.  Walk through the unique trails that will bring you into a pirates treasure cave. Climb up to the trees through an aerial trail that winds up in the Treetanic Bar. Imagine you are a pirate on the deck of your pirate ship drinking a bottle of rum to get your courage up for your next battle…

Fantasy in Utila Honduras
Interior of one of the rooms at Nightland Cabins, Utila

… heck, and you haven’t even seen the rooms yet! Ask to see if the rooms are available. If so, ask to have a look at them! The MonoLisa has décor inspired in the famous Mona Lisa; The Shagri La seems like a room where Spy Austin Powers would feel very much at home; live your own fantasy at the Fantasea room.

fantasy in Utila Honduras
Unique art at Nightland Cabins and Jade Seahorse

Yes you really can live a fantasy in Utila Honduras just by visiting the Jade Seahorse and Nightland Cabins. Be prepared for the unexpected. A colorful dragon greeting you as you enter the property. Huge real spider webs naturally decorating the gardens and aerial passages. A small gazebo that could have been in Wonderland and where little Alice would have been seen swinging…

Do yourself a favor, when in Utila, visit Nightland Cabins and the Jade Seahorse. Live a fantasy in Utila Honduras and let Neil’s creation show you the World from a different perspective!