Magic in Copan Ruinas

The archaeological site, as well as the whole valley are filled with magic, you can actually feel the magic in Copan Ruinas as you explore the World Heritage Site of Copan Ruinas, the site where the magnificent, yet enigmatic Maya Civilization flourished and thrived for more than three centuries, before suddenly crumbling to shambles and abandoning the very land that had made them so prosperous…

But the magic is beyond the archaeological site. You will find it in town, in the mountains surrounding the valley. It is also in the river that flows through the valley and in the people that live in this town and its villages, who are friendly, pleasant, magical…

magic in Copan Ruinas
Feel the Magic at “Muco’s Bar”  at Hacienda San Lucas in Copan Ruinas.

…yes the magic in Copan Ruinas is all over the place!

Yet there is one spot in particular where the magic is even more evident: nestled in the mountain, across the river from the Archaeological Park is a centuries old farm. The site has a dominant view the surroundings, including the now ruined Mayan acropolis of Copan. In ancient times Maya women would visit this site in search for assistance from their Gods to give birth.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]


Hacienda San Lucas, Come Feel the Magic in Copan Ruinas!

magic in Copan Ruinas.
The Restaurant at Hacienda San Lucas. Elegant Rural Charm at its Best!

Today, more that 12 centuries after the Maya civilization abandoned the valley, you can feel the magic in Copan Ruinas at the mystical Hacienda San Lucas,. Here, a small boutique hotel and restaurant offers its guests a chance to experience the charm of Honduran rural life. You can also feel the magic in Copan Ruinas.  The old farm has been renovated, and a few rooms have been added. These allow guests seeking to connect with nature and with this ancient civilization to do so. If you are looking for a spot in Copan Ruinas with some “Sense of Place” this is the place to visit.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

The Cueva family,  owners of the property, have opened its doors to guests who wish a unique experience. Choose between staying there for a few nights in their charming adobe walled rooms. The other option is to have have dinner in a candlelit atmosphere that will literally blow your socks off!  (Of course you can do both!) Food at the Hacienda San Lucas is closely related to the local traditions. You will find that they use many unique ingredients that the ancient Maya themselves added to their food. Try their unique tamales and the dishes that are spiced with the “loroco” flower. Loroco is a local aromatic flower that gives the food a unique flavor. Oh, I almost forgot, if you are looking for a wedding venue in Copan, you should check this unique place out!

I hope my tips about feeling the magic in Copan Ruinas help you get the most of your visit to Honduras and Copan Ruinas! Happy travels!