Finding an Oasis in Paradise

Are You Searching for an Outstanding Dinner in Roatan?

Recently, while on a quick trip to Roatan, which can be touted as Paradise, I set out on the task of finding a good restaurant that I had not yet visited. It had been several years since I had stayed in West End. Many different establishments that were actually new to me.  After several inquiries, I decided upon an eatery that was recommended during my last visit to the island: Roatan Oasis.

The location is kind of out of the way. The restaurant is neither on West End or West Bay Beach, but rather on the main road between both of these areas. Although within walking distance from West End, it is not close. At night the road is actually quite dark, so walking is not the best of ideas, furthermore it was windy and rainy. So the bottom line is if you do not have a car, get a cab to take you there! I had a car, so off I went!

My first surprise was to find the parking was so full that many cars were parked on the roadside. As I walked in the place was, to say the least, packed! Only a couple of empty tables where still available. Well as it turns out, reservations are a must on Friday evenings, and a good idea on the all the other nights as well.

An Oasis in Roatan
A full rack of pork ribs at Oasis Roatan. Simply delicious!

After being greeted  nicely, and asked if I had a reservation, the host went out of her way to arrange seating for me. You see, I did not have a reservation! I ordered a Salvavida beer and looked over the menu. Wow, this did seem like an oasis in paradise! The menu looked delicious. They feature a special three course meal at fixed price with selected options. It turns out the specialty there are the ribs, so not having had lunch, and being hungry, this was my choice. My only mistake is that I should have asked for half a rack, not a full rack. Those ribs were truly, absolutely delicious! For a moment, while I enjoyed my dinner, I thought I was in heaven! I had by chance found an oasis in paradise!

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Are you are looking for a superb dinning at reasonable prices. Want a nice selection of wines, great service and friendly atmosphere, the Roatan Oasis Restaurant is a sure bet!  You cannot go wrong here! For reservations call 9848 6659. It truly is an Oasis in Paradise!