Free 504 Assist Insurance in Honduras

There are some things that you should know, and yet you don’t.  I am sure that one of them is the fact that when you fly into Honduras you are automatically covered by an insurance policy! Yes when you visit Honduras, you have an insurance policy that will take care of medical expenses for as much as $7,000 US per person!  Canaturh  (The National Chamber of Tourism) and the Honduran Institute of Tourism have hired an insurance policy that covers all passengers arriving into Honduras by air.

The insurance policy has is good for 30 days. It covers medical treatment for any illness or accident that you may suffer while in Honduras. So how do you get this free 504 assist insurance in Honduras? All you need to do is to visit their web site and sign up. The startup date is the date you arrive in Honduras. The end date will be when you leave Honduras or 30 days after you arrived, whichever happens first.  Details and coverage of this free 504 assist insurance in Honduras policy can all be found at the official web page:  For your convenience, the page can be read in English or Spanish.

504 Assist Insurance in Honduras
Honduras Medical Insurance

Good news for those of you who carry your smart phone with you during your travels! You will be happy to note there is a 504 assist insurance in Honduras app that you can download! This could be very helpful in the event of an emergency. You can download it free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Store to your smart phone or tablet. I wholeheartedly recommend that you do so before your trip. This way you can go ahead and register for your trip and have all the necessary information before hand in the event of a sickness or accident. To download, search 504 assist in your app store.

Few people in Honduras are aware of this free 504 assist insurance in Honduras. Because of this, the chances of your knowing this in the event of an emergency are slim. If you are planning to visit Honduras, and you will be arriving by air, make sure you download the app and register! As they say, better safe than sorry! This way, you will enjoy your vacations in lovely Honduras without any worries!

I want to stress the fact that for the time being, this free 504 assist insurance in Honduras is only available to travelers arriving by air into the country. Regardless of the airport in Honduras that you will be using, the policy will cover you. This service is NOT available for visitors arriving by land or for those arriving on cruise ships.

I hope this tip is useful and help you plan your visit in Honduras. Happy travels in Honduras!