Fun in the Park

Do You Like Having Fun In The Park?

We all have fond memories of good times playing in the park. Unfortunately, not many cities have parks that are safe and well maintained where kids or adults can go have fun in the park. Let me tell you about a well kept secret in La Ceiba, Atlantida: The Swinford Park.

Located in the old American section of town, referred to as Masapan, and within the facilities where the Standard Fruit Company of Honduras has its headquarters, this small park is only one block away from La Ceiba’s Central Park. Named after one of the CEO’s of the Standard Fruit Company, the park has top security provided by the Standard Fruit Company, and houses a variety of old railroad cars and even the original steam locomotive that once served as the motor of development in this part of Honduras.

fun in the park
The Number 9 Steam Locomotive was the first locomotive at the service of the Standard Fruit Company Railroad

This is one of the best picture spots in town, and a trip here is well worth your time if you are looking for a memorable snapshot of your trip to Atlantida. In addition, there is a nice collection of bronze statues with smaller than real size sculptures of animals, such as elephants, rhinoceros, etc. Stroll the gardens the beautifully manicured gardens and trails, enjoy the shade of old trees and even get to know some of the local fruits you can enjoy in La Ceiba, such as the breadfruit tree, known as masapan, which gives the neighborhood its name.

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fun in the park
Riding an elephant in the park!

I strolled into the park in the last few days, and was lucky to find great light to take a couple of pictures of the old steam locomotive. In addition, I ran into a couple of mischievous kids that had their mind set on riding an elephant, and although it is not quite life size, it took a fair amount of teamwork to get one of the two to achieve the goal. As I watched, I could not forget good times when I had much fun in the park. I only wish the park I had access to would have been like the Swinford Park in La Ceiba, where great times can be had! Do not miss on the chance to visit this really nice park in La Ceiba and have yourself some fun in the park!