Gourmet Cheese in Copan

Wishing you Could Find Gourmet Cheese in Copan Ruinas?

If you are an experienced and adventuresome traveler, you know that when traveling through small towns in Central America, you must settle for the food that the locals eat, and gourmet cheese in Copan is not one of these, or is it?  Fancy foods are hard to find, and that is simply how it is. However, once in a blue moon, you will be love what you find…

Gourmet Cheese in Copan
A selection of gourmet cheese  at San Rafael Coffee

… one of the truly pleasant surprises in Honduras is a unique establishment offering fancy gourmet cheese in Copan! What is truly surprising is the fact that the cheese is not imported, but made right there, in Copan Ruinas. The establishment is the San Rafael Coffee, a family owned restaurant business in Copan that started by selling their homegrown coffee, which has several awards as a sustainable operation, and by the way, offers some of the best gourmet coffee available in this part of Honduras.

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Carlos Guerra, the son of the owners is a graduate of the Escuela Agricola Panamericana, (locally known as “Zamorano”). This is an excellent agricultural University set up years ago by the United Fruit Company. It is famous as one of the leading agricultural universities  in Latin America. After graduating, Carlos came back to his home town and started experimenting with local products to produce some quality cheeses.

Gourmet Cheese in Copan Ruinas!

The result has been outstanding! Believe it or not, you can enjoy camembert, blue cheese, and a variety of gourmet cheeses that compete with what you would find in Europe or elsewhere! You can sample this gourmet cheese in Copan at the San Rafael Coffee Shop or purchase some to take home with you and enjoy there. Of course if home is away from Honduras you will probably have trouble smuggling it back home, but then again, you can always enjoy it while traveling around Copan.

San Rafael also offers a limited selection of nice wines that marry very well with the different cheeses available. Also, you might want to purchase some of their home roasted coffee beans to take back home. It makes for a perfect gift! It is also an outstanding cup of coffee to get you up and running in the morning! You will remember the magnificence of Copan, and for that matter, the rest of Honduras!