Happy Birthday Hedman Alas

In Honduras if you think about intercity bus transportation, you think Hedman Alas. Hedman Alas has been a household name in Honduras for 64 years! Easier said than done! I had the honor to be guest at their 50th anniversary party, back 2002.

Don Alex Hedman Deras and Dona Toñita Alas de Hedman, the couple that started the bus company back in 1952 where both present at the ceremony.  What a pleasure to meet two visionary entrepreneurs that helped shape the future of Honduras.

A Bit of History:

Hedman Alas
A vintage photo of the 1950’s, with don Alex Hedman showing pride next to his “Baronesa”

The first couple of years, the trip would start at the railroad station in San Pedro Sula. You see, the road between San Pedro Sula and Potrerillos did not exist! This meant that the first 40 kilometers of the trip where on the railroad. The “baronesa” bus would then be downloaded from the railroad flat car and the road trip would begin! Back in those days the trip would take all day to travel between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

A “Baronesa” was a truck with a chassis that had a cabin structure in the back. This cabin, made of steel and wood had seats and windows. It resembled a passenger bus from the first world, but with third world charm. Baronesa buses were popular and common back in the 1950’s in Honduras. Perhaps the best example of a Baronesa today is the one that the Welchez Coffee Tour in Copan Ruinas uses.

Many things have changed since those long gone days. Travel time between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa is down to 4 fours. The road is in excellent condition. The one daily departure from each city has turned into many departures throughout the day.  Back in those days, the only route the company operated was between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Hedman Alas Today:

Hedman Alas
Hedman Alas offers modern, first class coaches.

Today, Hedman Alas also services the routes to La Ceiba and Copan Ruinas. On an international level, they operate the route from San Pedro Sula to Guatemala City. A modern facility in San Pedro Sula functions as a connecting hub. There, passengers traveling between Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, Copan Ruinas and Guatemala exchange buses. Then continue towards their final destination. Modern, first class motor coaches offer air conditioning, luxury seating, and on board toilette’s.

Service includes a movie on board and wifi service at the bus stations. First class offers a light snack for travelers. One thing that has not changed is the philosophy of service provided to the client. Hedman Alas goes beyond the extra mile to insure comfort and security.

The company is a family corporation. Today the founders, Don Alex and Dona Toñita rest in peace. Yet, the second and third generations are involved with the daily operations. The vision that the founders had when they formed the company is present to this day.

Hedman Alas
A vintage photo with the buses that Hedman Alas used in the 1960’s.

Don Alex believed in serving the Honduran public that needed to travel. But he also knew that his company was an asset for the development of tourism in Honduras. He was one of the founding members of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (Canaturh) in 1975. Throughout the years, Hedman Alas has been a pillar for those of us involved in tourism. They provide the best possible connection between Copan Ruinas and La Ceiba. The latter is the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Hedman Alas always cooperates with promotion efforts to the different destinations they serve. On this, their 64th birthday, I can only say: Happy Birthday! Thank you for your continued support throughout the years! May you be in operation for many, many more years! Congrats! You are and always be my favorite bus company in Honduras and Guatemala!