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Just got back from a quick road trip to Tegucigalpa, Comayagua and Lake Yojoa. Just in case you are not a regular reader, I live in La Ceiba, on the Caribbean coast of Atlantida in Honduras. In total, I logged almost 600 miles in my journey.

The CA13 Corredor Turistico Highway

Honduras highways
Roadside market stands are common in Honduras. This one is offering the fruits in season: Mangos and Papayas!

It had been several months since I last traveled the route. Yet, I was surprised at the conditions of the road. The CA13 road, that leads from La Ceiba towards San Pedro Sula is in good shape between La Ceiba and Tela. Between Tela and El Progreso, drive with caution, the road is undergoing a major expansion. It will soon become a 4 lane toll road. Construction on the road is in process, and means that you may run into brief road blocks. Plan for a slower pace on this stretch of CA13.

At El Progreso, I took the “Short Cut” from El Progreso to La Barca. This route saves about an hour travel by avoiding San Pedro Sula! This, together with the road between Tela and San Pedro Sula is part of the “Corredor Turistico”. This highway is also under expansion, and progress is taking place at a fast pace. The “Corredor Turistico” t bones into the “Corredor Logistico”. This last one is the road that connects San Pedro Sula with Tegucigalpa. This junction is 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of San Pedro Sula. The highway is also known as the CA5 highway.

The CA5 Corredor Logistico Highway

Honduras Highways
A stretch of the CA5 highway between Comayagua and Siguatepeque

A good stretch of the CA5 highway is already a 4 lane toll road. It is so between San Pedro Sula and Pimienta, then again between La Barca and almost to Lake Yojoa. Work is currently under way in some sections to expand it to 4 lanes between Lake Yojoa and Siguatepeque. Most of this section is already 3 lanes, (2 going up the hill, one coming down). As far as engineering and construction, the most difficult area to expand is that between Siguatepeque and Comayagua.

This had always been a section where you would encounter traffic. The narrow two lane road winds through the mountains. This is where I was surprised! The road has been expanded to four lanes for the entire 35 kilometer section between these two cities!

Between Comayagua and Tegucigalpa, the highway is a beautiful 4 lane highway. This road winds its way up the pine clad mountains that separate the Comayagua Valley from Tegucigalpa. The only exception is a 6 km stretch still in the Comayagua Valley that is still pending.

Honduras highways
Construction in progress between Siguatepeque and Lake Yojoa

The CA5 highway is without doubt the best highway in Central America already. It will get even better when they conclude the expansion between Lake Yojoa and Siguatepeque. The CA5 Highway continues past Tegucigalpa to Jicaro Galan, where it t-bones with CA1. This is the Panamerican Highway. This route connects Tegucigalpa with the City of Choluteca.

Other Honduras highways are either already under repairs and expansions or work will begin shortly. This will make travel throughout Honduras a breeze. If you are adventuresome, consider renting a car. Currently, not all the highways are in good shape and well marked. As a general rule, try not to drive at night. With roadwork underway and limited signs, the roads can be hazardous after dark.

Honduras Highways Safety

One thing that I must insist on. Despite the bad reputation that Honduras has abroad, highway robberies are rare in the country. I have traveled throughout Honduras’ highways over the years. Both during the day and at night, and have never, ever felt unsafe in the Honduras highways. Usually, travelers are more concerned about finding clean bathrooms en route. As a general rule the plight for clean roadside bathrooms is always a challenge in Central America. Finally, as you drive through Honduras, you will find many roadside signs that read “llantera”. Usually, there are old tires next to the signs. These are all tire repair facilities where you can fix a flat tire.

I hope my brief report on the road conditions between La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa are useful! Have a pleasant road trip in Honduras!