Honduras Primary Elections 2017

Today Honduras held its primary elections to decide who will be the candidates for president, congress and municipalities in the upcoming elections. The three major parties participated in this civic endeavor. From what it appears, a record number of Hondurans participated in the elections. Since these are primary elections, participation tends to be much lower than in general elections. If the preliminary numbers are confirmed, we will have a historic turnout for the Honduras electoral process later in 2017.

The three parties that participated in the process are the National Party of Honduras, the Liberal Party and Libre. Reports from around the country point to the fact that it was a very peaceful process.  We expect that the preliminary results should be announced later this evening, and the final tally should be available in a few days.

Honduras primary elections 2017
The voter information booth at Las Mangas

Since I live in a rural area, I decided to visit the nearest voting station. It was in the village of Las Mangas, on the Cangrejal River Valley. I even got out of the car and chatted with some of the different members of the parties that were in charge of the voting station. I am pleased to report that all was very peaceful, and a friendly civilized attitude was predominant. By 1:30 p.m., about 50% of the qualified electors had shown up and cast their votes. Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras extended the voting hours until 5:00 p.m. I would anticipate that at least 65% of the registered voters cast their vote in the Las Mangas voting station.

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I am happy to report that there were tourists enjoying rafting trips on the Cangrejal River today. I also saw some travelers riding horses. The tourism activity went on as normal and the electoral process did not have any impact on their activities. If anything, they probably enjoyed seeing the voting stations in operation and a festive electoral process.  Throughout the last electoral processes in Honduras elections have always been peaceful and quiet. I am sure the one coming up on the 26th of November will be the same.