Honduras so Much to See in a Small Country!

There is so Much to See in Honduras!

Europeans are not surprised to find so much in Honduras. Most of them come from small countries that offer a diverse geography with many assets. Citizens of the United States and Canada are always surprised at the variety of picturesque scenes they encounter in Honduras. These countries are huge, and have extensive areas that offer little or no diversity. They are so different to Honduras!

The Caribbean Coast and Islands

Honduras so much to see
Cayos Cochinos, Part of Honduras’ Caribbean Paradise! Photo by Peter A Hughes

I believe that Honduras is the most diverse country in Central America. An extensive Caribbean coast with its own set of islands to discover: the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Caribbean Coast offers the highest coastal peaks in North America. The most visited areas of Honduras are of course the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila; as well as Copan Ruinas Archaeological Park.  Atlantida is the perfect link between both destinations. Atlantida includes La Ceiba, Tela and the Cangrejal River Valley.

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The Fertile Interior Valleys

Honduras so much to see
The Campus at the Escuela Agricola Panameraciana El Zamorano. Photo: Peter A Hughes

Many different fertile valleys are to be found in Honduras. Some of the coastal ones, such as the Sula Valley and the Aguan Valley gave birth to the original Banana Republic. Others with higher elevations, such as the Jamastran Valley are perfect for educational purposes. Such is the case of the Escuela Panamericana de Agricultura “El Zamorano“.  Colonial cities, such as Comayagua and Choluteca are a window to a rich colonial past.

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The Pacific Coast

Honduras’  Pacific coast shares the Gulf of Fonseca with Nicaragua and El Salvador. Here, volcanic islands and mangrove forests combine to make an interesting destination.

Rural Honduras, a Truly Magical Experience

Honduras so much to see
The Church at San Manuel Colohete, near Gracias in Lempira

The rural countryside of Honduras offers spectacular views.  Small colonial villages offer a window to the real Honduras. Here family farms, local traditions, and picturesque views come together in a magical way. Best of all, these towns and villages are home to friendly, hospitable people. Hondurans might have a deficient academic education, but family values are  an important part of everyday life. One thing that Hondurans know how to do is to open their home and their hearts to travelers from afar!

Then you have the Lenca Route, up in the Central highlands, where coffee and tobacco are grown to this day. The central highland has rugged mountains that reach up and poke at the rolling clouds. Here, small picturesque towns and villages blend into the scene. These highlands are ideal to produce high quality mountain grown coffee.

Lake Yojoa, Nature’s Playground

honduras so much to see
Pulhapanzak Waterfalls near Lake Yojoa are a must to visit. Photo: Peter A Hughes

Lake Yojoa is a birders paradise. You can combine fishing and birding at the only natural lake in Honduras. Bird watching is awesome in this area. With two different National Parks surrounding the lake, the nature is stunning. Coffee is the main crop in the area. Here, visit waterfalls such as Pullhapanzak, the most famous in Honduras. Or explore limestone caves such as those in Taulabe. Both are just a few of the many alternatives.

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The Remote Moskito Coast

Honduras so much to see
Kids at Barra Patuca, on the Moskito Coast of Honduras. Photo: Peter A Hughes.

Then you have the unexplored Honduras: the Moskito Coast, referred to as “La Moskitia”. This is a remote area along the Caribbean Coast of Honduras and Nicaragua. It is the largest pristine tract of tropical rain forest in the North American Continent. La Moskitia is yours to discover!

Yes, there is so much to see in Honduras! Best of all, everything is close by. Getting from one place to the other is easy. Despite what the press says, all the above mentioned destinations are safe for travelers. Be smart, beat the crowds and visit Honduras now, before the rest of the world discovers it! Honduras so much to see in one small country!