Hot Springs in Honduras

A Secret Place with Awesome Hot Springs in Honduras

It is often said that Honduras has no active volcanoes. While this is technically true, the geological reality of Honduras is that there is a certain amount of volcanic activity going on underground. How else can you explain the fact that there are many different places in the country where you can find hot springs in Honduras?

Hot springs can be found near Copan Ruinas, in the proximity of Gracias, in the town of Santa Rita de Yoro and also near Lake Yojoa. However, the most unique setting of all has to be the hot springs located in Atlantida, near the City of La Ceiba, where you can find some awesome hot springs in Honduras in the middle of the jungle.

Yes deep in the Nombre de Dios Mountains, near the Garifuna Village of Sambo Creek, you will find some truly unique hot springs in the middle of the jungle. What makes these awesome hot springs in Honduras so unique is the fact that they are easy to get to and there is basic infrastructure that makes you stay there truly memorable.

The springs themselves bubble up to the surface at boiling temperatures, however they naturally blend into a cold mountain creek just down the mountain and form swimming holes where you can relax in the jungle. These pools are in a unique setting, as the steep mountain creates small waterfalls and drops into them, naturally regulating the temperature of the water, cooling the water as it falls closer to sea level.

Well designed wooden decks give you access to the different levels, making it easy and safe to seek just the perfect temperature and setting for you.

The facilities include changing rooms, toilets, and even some massage huts where you can get a relaxing massage to help soothe your muscles. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, the facility includes a Zip Line Canopy Tour that is sure to get adrenaline pumping through your blood as you zip along a total of 13 cables, of which the last is the longest at almost one mile in length.

From your vantage point as you zip from tree top to tree top, you will get glimpses of the Caribbean, as well as of the lovely Cayos Cochinos Islands, a unique marine reserve that offers one of the most pristine settings in the Western Caribbean.

If you are headed overland to the Bay Islands of Honduras, I recommend that you stay a couple of days in the Cangrejal River Valley near La Ceiba. Here you will find several different hotels including the award wining La Villa de Soledad bed and breakfast, where you can enjoy nature and visit the hot springs, the Cayos Cochinos and all the different activities available in the area.

For more information about the Sambo Creek Hot Springs, visit their facebook page!