La Ceiba Carnival 2016

Today is the big night for La Ceiba Carnival 2016!

Every year, La Ceiba celebrates the largest and most festive event in Honduras: this year, the La Ceiba Carnival 2016 takes place on the week between the 14th and the 21st of May, with the big night being precisely tonight, the 21st of May!

This year, the La Ceiba Carnival 2016 is honoring an important citizen of La Ceiba, Singer and songwriter Guillermo Anderson, a popular Honduran singer who is in process of recovering from a bout with cancer. Guillermo is a wonderful person, and it is seldom that a person has the opportunity of seeing how much he is loved and admired during his lifetime. His illness has given the people of Honduras the chance to tell Guillermo just how much the love and admire him.

Under normal circumstances, famous international singers and performers come to La Ceiba for the great Carnival night and together create a festive mood. However, this year it will only be national artists, who will be performing a diversity of shows singing the music and lyrics of Guillermo Anderson. Singers such as Polache, Pilo Tejeda, Aurelio Martinez and others will be singing live at the carnival, in a move that is meant to honor Guillermo, and that will bring the Carnival closer to its roots, which was originally focused on the on the Garifuna culture.

la ceiba carnival 2016
let the party begin! Photo by Eduardo Sierra

The Garifuna people arrived in Honduras in 1797 from the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean Grenadines, and are a racial and cultural mix between African slaves and Carib Indians; they have a unique culture and language which persists to this day. Their culture is very musical, and they are great at dancing to the rhythm of beating drums. Garifunas live throughout the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, and there are several different Garifuna Villages very close to La Ceiba.

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The festivity schedule today begins around noon, with an equestrian parade, followed by floats and other performers and finalizes with live music that will continue on till dawn.

Honduras Travel will be posting pictures on our facebook page from around 2:00 p.m. until we last! For last minute pictures, visit our facebook page.