Looking for Reasons to Visit Honduras?

There are many reasons to visit Honduras on your next vacation. Following is a short list of 7 good reasons to visit Honduras that I hope you find useful!

If You Want Reasons to Not Visit Honduras, Check the Local Press!

The first thing you need to do is to look beyond what the press has to say about Honduras. There is a old Honduran joke about how you can fill a bucket with crabs and they will never escape. Honduran crabs to not believe in teamwork. In their effort to be the first out of the bucket, they will make sure that no one else gets out before them. The result is of course, that no crab will ever make it to freedom and they will all stay in the bucket!

This story applies well to the Honduran Press. In their effort to sell more advertising they will do whatever they need to do. This includes presenting an image of Honduras that is not true but will generate more income for them.

Every cloud has silver lining. They also say that every coin has two faces. The Honduran press takes the silver lining out of the cloud, and makes sure that you only see one side of the coin! Profitability is number one, responsible entrepreneurship is not important!

If you google Honduras, you will immediately find that San Pedro Sula is the “Murder Capital of the World”. However, if you read between the lines, you will also find that the information dates back to 2012. This means that this is four years old! The murder rate in Honduras has fallen from a high of over 87 per one hundred thousand persons to below 60. Granted, this is still high, but this is a lot of progress in the last 4 years. More so, you should note that tourists are not a target for crime, they are downright avoided!

In any case, you are looking for good reasons to visit Honduras, so let’s get on to some positive notes:

1.- CNN, the United States news giant, listed Honduras as one of the emerging destinations for 2016. They have looked beneath the skin and found many reasons to visit Honduras. You can read for yourself in their article about emerging destinations 2016!

reasons to visit Honduras
A View of West End Village in Roatan

2.- TripAdvisor, the web based travel community selects the most popular and best rated destinations in the world. Remember, these are about travelers reviews. This is based on the reviews that independent travelers like you post on the page and forums. They have many different categories that they split it up in. They have a list of top destinations in Central America. Honduras is well represented in position number 8, with West End in Roatan!

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Reasons to visit Honduras
A view of the great plaza in Copan Ruinas

3.- TripAdvisor also has a list for the top landmarks in Central America. Honduras is well represented with the Mayan Archaeological site of Copan Ruinas. Copan is in position number 6 of 25! This is an outstanding result. Most Hondurans will argue that it deserves to be in position number 1! (It probably does, by the way) but 6 out of 25 is a recognition that the site is special and unique!

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Reasons to Visit Honduras
A view of West Bay Beach, Arguably the best beach in Central America

4.- Perhaps you are looking for beaches during your trip to Central America. For some reason, many people do not think of Central America as having great beaches. For that matter, many do not even realize that Central America is part of the Caribbean. Check out the list of Best Beaches in Central America. You will find that number 1 and number 7 are in Honduras, both in the island of Roatan. You will even be more surprised to find that the beaches compete with any Caribbean beach and beat them!

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5.- Another leading publication you can refer to is escapehere.com. They offer a list of 11 underrated places to visit in Central America. Guess what? You will find that Copan Ruinas is one of them!

But enough of taking you to other webpages! You can find everything you need to know and more in our Honduras Travel Blog! I just wanted to make sure you did not think I am biased about Honduras. (Of course I am!)

Honduras’ Top Destinations:

Reasons to visit Honduras
Rafting down the Cangrejal River In La Ceiba, Atlantida

6.- Honduras has many World Class Destinations that you should visit. The three most outstanding ones are The Bay Islands, Copan and Atlantida. Each one of these is different and special. The Bay Islands of Honduras offer a Caribbean flair. Here you will find the most bio diverse barrier reef in the World, and white sand beaches. Copan offers pine clad mountains and some of the best coffee in the World. The Copan Archaeological park offers the most artistic of all Ancient Mayan Cities, ! Atlantida is nature’s playground. Rugged mountains, lagoons surrounded by mangrove forests, and an incredible Banana Republic history.

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7.- All three destinations have one thing in common: the warm hearted Honduran people! A recent poll to tourists, found that the friendliness of Honduran people is the most important Honduran tourism asset! Now contrast this with the image that the press has managed to portray of Honduras!

Go ahead, read the reviews that travelers write about Honduras. Dare to visit this lovely country. Above all, do so before everyone discovers it! Today, you can explore the real Honduras, not a country overrun by tourists. Take advantage and meet the friendly people of Honduras. Discover the magnificent destinations and the beauty of Nature. Honduras offers the best of Central America and the Caribbean in one single destination!