Lunch by the Caribbean

Enjoying Lunch by the Caribbean

One of the lesser known areas around the City of La Ceiba is the Garifuna Village at Corozal. Corozal is about 6 miles (10 km) east of La Ceiba on highway CA13. The village looks like a small road side community next to the road.  However it is actually a fairly large town that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the CA13 highway. The town itself is rather unimpressive, and  you would not expect anything interesting from what you see driving by. However, just past milestone 210 you will see a tiny sign on the road that says “Chamorros Restaurant”. The sign has a small arrow pointing to the North. Get of the highway, follow the narrow dirt road several blocks till you reach the Caribbean shore. Once there follow the road towards your right.

Now you will find, things are getting a lot more attractive: A nice palm fringed beach, a small hotel and restaurant on your right. Soon, you will be in front of a nice clean looking setting with a small sign: Chamorros Restaurant. You have arrived at your destination!

Chamorros is owned Mr. Chamorro, an ethnic Garifuna who besides being a certified lawyer is also a hard working entrepreneur! Chamorro’s Restaurant offers some of the freshest seafood you will find in Honduras. His menu, which offers a variety of seafood and daily catch alternatives, has a nice element of typical Garifuna cuisine in all of its dishes.

Make sure you try the very special homemade guifity. This is an unlikely concoction of herbs and roots mixed in rum that the Garifuna use as a health tonic. It reputedly has aphrodisiac properties. Although guifity is normally quite bitter, they also have a version that is much more palatable.

Enjoying a lunch break by the Caribbean Sea, while listening to the surf breaking on the beach, and cooled off by the trade winds that usually blow from the east-northeast has to be the best way to enjoy life.  If you add outstanding food, outstanding service and reasonable prices, you have a winner. Next time you are looking for a seaside restaurant around La Ceiba, with great food, do yourself a favor, and drive yourself to Corozal for lunch at Chamorro’s. You will be thankful that you did!