New Maya Archaeological Finds in Copan Ruinas!

Exciting New Maya Archaeological Finds in Copan, Honduras!

This September, the international Archaeological community was surprised by a new find. Excavations in Copan, Honduras one again shed light about the magnificent Maya. Yes Copan Ruinas, in Honduras still has many secrets to discover. A Japanese Archaeological team, lead by Dr. Seichi Nakamura found a tomb.

New archaeological finds in Copan Ruinas
A new tomb was unearthed in Copan Ruinas.

The find is in a residential housing complex 150 meters to the North of the Great Plaza. The site, known as Structure 105 has a total of 5 human skeletons. These are believed to belong to members of Copan Royalty. The tomb includes 13 ceramic vessels, pieces of jade and several Spondylus marine shells. The burial dates to somewhere between the years 500 to 550 of our era.

The dates would relate to the rule of B’alam Nhen. He is best known as Waterlily Jaguar, or Jaguar Mirror, and ruled Copan between the years of 504 and 532 or our era. Alternatively it could relate to the period under the leadership of Wil Ohl K’inich. He was the the 8th ruler of the Copan Dynasty. This leader, better known as Head on Earth ruled from 532 to 551. It is too early to speculate who is actually buried in this tomb. The find seems to refer to an influential or important relative of the Copan Dynasty.

The Tomb is Over 1500 Years Old!

Even more exciting is the fact that they have identified another tomb here.  Archaeologists believe it belongs to a member of royal elite. Work on tombs is painstakingly slow. Especially when you are following all the scientific rigors of study. The excavations are under the close supervision of the Instituto Hondureño de Antropologia e Historia.

New Maya Archaeological finds in Copan Ruinas
Dr. Seichi Nakamura presenting the archaeological finds in Copan Ruinas

The Japanese archaeologists have been in Honduras for many years. They are responsible for the excavations and facilities at the El Puente Archaeological Park. The site is near the city of La Entrada in Copan, Honduras. These findings continue to highlight the importance of Honduras as an Archaeological destination.

Copan is one of the leading destinations in the Mundo Maya Region.  These new archaeological finds in Copan Ruinas are exciting! They are also living proof of the importance of Copan to the Mayan Civilization.

Information about this study is possible thanks to Yobany Peraza. Mr. Peraza is one of the leading guides at the Copan Park. Yobany is also the owner of Xukpi Tours, one of the leading tour operators in Copan Ruinas.

Now you know that you will need to come back to Copan, Honduras. Come and learn about the new archaeological findings here!