It’s Official: The Utila Ferry War is Over!

Utila Ferry
The Victorious Utila Dream is the winner of the Utila Ferry War.

I regret to inform all travelers headed for Utila that the Utila Ferry War is over! Normally, we all celebrate when a truce is signed and aggression’s between the parties end. Yet, this is not the case today! The price war that started several months ago between the new and old ferry to Utila has come to an end. The biggest loser in this case is not the Utila Princess, which has shut down operations, but the traveler to Utila. You see, the price of the passage between La Ceiba and Utila was down to Lps. 100 per person, one way. Now that the war has ended, and one company has bowed out, the price is Lps. 400 per person one way! Whoa, that sounds like a big hike!

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In reality, the fare for the Utila ferry service it is still lower than it was before the price war began. Also, the service has been significantly upgraded. Air-conditioned waiting rooms with complimentary wi fi to all guests are the norm. The result, in the end is beneficial for travelers headed to Utila. They now do the journey in a modern, faster and more seaworthy vessel.

Utila Ferry Service
This old sign serves as a memoir of the fierce Utila Ferry War.

The Utila Dream will continue to operate on their regular schedule. This includes a trip between Utila and West End in Roatan twice a week. They did stop the service they were offering between Utila and Puerto Cortes, though.

We contacted the Utila Princess via email to confirm the above, but got no answers. We found at the old Ferry office in La Ceiba that the Utila Princess has shut down the passenger service. However the service the company offers between Trujillo and Guanaja continues as usual. , The same goes with the service between Guanaja and Oakridge in Roatan.  hope the Utila Dream will live up to its promise of good service and fair rates. If so, they will keep both the Utila community and the tourists that visit the island happy!