Roadside Shipwreck in Roatan

Shipwreck in Roatan!

As in any island in the world, a shipwreck in Roatan would not be unique, or would it? Last January I was visiting the lovely island of Roatan, on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras in Central America. I had a rental car, and due to the fact that the ferry running between Roatan and La Ceiba was not operating, due to rough seas, I had decided to take a quick drive through Roatan’s East End. After French Harbour, the road climbs up into the mountains that are the backbone of this island, and follows the ridge, especially as you get close to the communities of Jonesville, Punta Gorda and Oakridge. So as I am driving near the top of the mountains, you can only imagine my surprise when from afar I spotted what looked like a three masted ship on the top of the hill next to the road!

As it turns out, it looks more like Noah’s Ark than anything else. Had it not been for the fact that I knew this was new, I would have truly thought this was Noah’s Ark. Now just imagine re writing History by claiming that Noah’s Ark actually landed on Roatan Island instead of Mt. Ararat in the Middle East! This would certainly stir a heated conversation wouldn’t it?

The site was actually so intriguing that I stopped on the road side and took a picture of it! After, I stopped and tried to inquire what this was all about… A shipwreck in Roatan at the top of a mountainous island does not make any sense! Once close by, it was obvious that the old rough look was not because it was old, but rather a new construction that was under way and not yet finished. Yes you read correctly, this was actually a construction site and not a shipwreck in Roatan. There goes my story… Or does it?

It turns out that this roadside shipwreck in Roatan was the new upcoming top end club in Roatan. To be called “Isery” which means new in Garifuna, this site promised to be a hit and a true attraction on the island. Meant to look like an old pirate ship on the outside, Isery promised to have state of the art sound and light equipment on the inside, with an original bar and restaurant setting that will make it truly enticing. Isery was scheduled to open its doors for the Easter Week 2016 Spring Break Holiday. It was meant to be open Sunday to Wednesday from 8:00 p.m. till 1:00 a.m. and from Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 p.m. till closing time.

Last week, as I was reading the local news, it turns out that the owner of Isery had the US DEA after him. So after a grand opening for Easter Week, the magnificent new East End Night Club seems to have run aground, literally… Only time will tell if this incredible construction will come to life again, or become a unique shipwreck in Roatan to be visited by tourists to get a unique picture!