Surf and Turf Burger in Trujillo

I must confess, I am not a seafood eater. I am not adventuresome when it comes to food. But this past week while in Trujillo I visited a beachfront restaurant on the bay, I could not help myself from noticing that the menu offered a surf and turf burger! I was at the Nautico restaurant in Trujillo and had just been in a meeting with tourism entrepreneurs in that coastal city. After the meeting, we decided to have dinner there and then continue back to our room at the Trujillo Beach Eco Resort, located out of town.

Of course, we chose one the beach tables. There was a pleasant breeze blowing from the east. The sea was calm as it usually is in this lovely bay. The lights on the premises shone down the water and it was as clear as you would expect to see in the Caribbean. The beaches in Trujillo have white sand and are the best beaches on the Caribbean coast of Central America. The only possible exception would be the beaches at Punta Sal National Park in Tela.

Best Restaurant in Trujillo

We asked for the menu and I wanted to know what the house specialties were. They offered several oriental options, but looking at the menu, the surf and turf burger caught my eye. A burger with ground meet and shrimp? That sounds interesting! I could not resist the temptation and ordered myself my first surf and turf burger. It is interesting to note that I did so on the lovely beaches in Trujillo.

If you are in Trujillo and looking for a good place to have lunch or dinner on the beach, I suggest that you check out Nautico Restaurant. There are so many restaurants on the beach here you may struggle to find a good one. You can not go wrong at Nautico. Karla, the owner is always on premises. She will go out of her way to make sure you are satisfied. Beers are ice cold and service is friendly. Prices are reasonable, and you are right on the beach! And if you can not make your mind up as to what to order, I suggest the surf and turf burger. You can’t go wrong with it!