Traveling between the Bay Islands

For many years, traveling between the Bay Islands has only been possible via La Ceiba. This of course, made no sense. Roatan is halfway between Utila and Guanaja. Utila is halfway between Roatan and La Ceiba. Yet to travel from Roatan to Utila, you needed to travel to La Ceiba. From there backtrack to either island you going to.

Traveling between Utila and Roatan

Over the years, a few attempts were made to create a connection between the islands. Yet the efforts did not succeed, more that anything because the right vessel was not available. Things have changed for the better for travel between Utila and Roatan. As of late last year the new Utila Dream ferry came into operation. The Utila Dream is modern, state of the art water jet catamaran. It is fast, comfortable, and can carry over 250 passengers!

Traveling between the Bay Islands
The Utila Dream travels between Utila and Roatan three times a week

The good news is that is offers service between Utila and Roatan! Service is now available daily! Travel time is a short 60 minutes. The Roatan terminal is in Coxen Hole, Roatan, next to the Hotel Sarita. The location is very close to the Roatan International Airport. This means you can fly into Roatan, and take a cab direct to the Utila Dream. One hour later, you will be in Utila! Thanks to this modern, fast service, travel between these two islands is a breeze! I wholeheartedly recommend the Utila Dream service between Utila and Roatan!

Traveling between the Bay Islands
A great option to travel between the Bay Islands is to charter a flight with Island Air

For those that need to travel during the other four weekdays, a charter flight is always possible. Captain Angelo Lagonia, a retired US captain lives in Utila. He has a nice islander twin engine airplane that carries up to 10 passengers. His airline is Island Air. Captain Lagonia is accommodating. He will work with you to find other travelers to share you flight and reduce your costs.

Traveling between Utila and Guanaja

Travel between Utila and Guanaja is still pretty much limited to regular air service via La Ceiba. Airline connections are not easy. Once again, Island Air is an alternative.

Traveling between Roatan and Guanaja

Traveling between the Bay Islands
The Pearl Princess Ferry operates twice a week between Oakridge in Roatan and Guanaja

Ferry travel between Roatan and Guanaja has been discontinued. In the past, the Island Pearl offers regular service from Oakridge in Roatan’s East End to Guanaja. The only regular alternative is to take the LANHSA flight from Roatan to Guanaja. This flight only operates on Saturdays. As you can see, direct travel to Guanaja from Roatan is quite complicated. Otherwise, your best alternative is to fly to La Ceiba and then catch another flight to Roatan.

I hope that the above information is useful. The idea is to make your plans for traveling between the Bay Islands of Honduras easier!