Traveling from Mexico City to Honduras

Traveling from Mexico City to Honduras is Easy!

To many people, Honduras sounds like a faraway place that is hard and expensive to get to. This is a far cry from the truth. I am currently in Mexico City and getting ready for a journey traveling from Mexico City to Honduras and it is easier and faster than you might even dream it is!

Aeromexico, the Mexican Airline, offers daily nonstop service between Mexico City International Airport (MEX) and San Pedro Sula International Airport in Honduras (SAP). Service is in a comfortable Embraer 170 jet with capacity for approximately 70 persons. Travel time? A short 2 hours and 15 minutes! The flight departs around 10:30, making it easy to get to the airport and go on your way.

Many passengers on this flight actually have connecting flights from the USA via Mexico City and on to Honduras. Because of this, it is a good idea to ask the clerks at the airport to put a priority tag on your bag! They usually give priority to passengers who connected on to this flight!

Another alternative for your trip traveling from Mexico City to Honduras is to fly Avianca Airlines. They fly via San Salvador, and then offer a connecting flight on to Honduras. This alternative allows you to choose between flying into San Pedro Sula (SAP) or Tegucigalpa (TGU) the capital of Honduras. If you allow me to make a suggestion, unless you need to fly to Tegucigalpa or the area around the Capital City, fly into San Pedro Sula.

It is Best to Fly into San Pedro Sula Than into Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa’s Toncontin airport is subject to visual landing only. If climatic conditions are not appropriate, your flight may be diverted or delayed. San Pedro Sula airport is far more reliable and better equipped!

Once in San Pedro Sula, (or Tegucigalpa) you will be able to get local flights to get you to the city of La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast, as well as to the Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. The local airlines that offer this service are Aerolineas Sosa, CM Airlines and Lanhsa.

From San Pedro Sula, you will also have the choice of using the services of Hedman Alas Bus Company, they offer convenient service from the airport to the San Pedro Sula bus terminal and then on to Copan Ruinas, La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa.