Two Jewels in Punta Sal National Park

Are you looking for an Idyllic Pristine Caribbean Paradise? Discover the Two Jewels in Punta Sal National Park!

Within the Bay of Tela, in Atlantida, you will find a long, narrow peninsula that stretches out towards the Caribbean. This mountainous piece of land arguable boasts the best be beaches in mainland Central America: white sand, light surf, un crowded and within access to nearby reefs where you can snorkel! On the western side of the peninsula you will find the two jewels in Punta Sal National Park!

The Peninsula is part of Jeannette Kawas National Park, aka Punta Sal National Park, and together with a large lagoon, marine estuaries, tropical rain forests and mangrove swamps create a truly diverse National Park.

A narrow trail through the rain forest takes you across the base of the peninsula, the trail is short and very flat, which makes it ideal for people of all ages. This trail ends in a lovely, secluded cove on the western side of the peninsula, which is precisely one of the two jewels in Punta Sal National Park: Puerto Escondido and Puerto Caribe.

Here, at Puerto Escondido you will find white sand beaches, very tranquil turquoise blue waters in a lovely, isolated setting. In fact, there are two small coves, Puerto Caribe is located just to the north of Puerto Escondido.

Tales about pirate ships hiding from the Spanish Armada during colonial times abound, and it is not hard to imagine these two coves being visited by intrepid pirates, hiding out from the Spaniards and waiting for their ships to sail out of the port of Omoa, a bit to the West of Punta Sal to conquer some of the silver being shipped to Europe from the mines around Tegucigalpa.

two jewels in Punta Sal National Park
Aerial view of Punta Sal Peninsula, with Puerto Caribe in the foreground and Puerto Escondido in the background. Photo by Francois Ligard.

Getting to Punta Sal is easy! There are several different tour operators that offer services in Tela, including tours to Punta Sal. The tour departs by boat from downtown Tela, usually from the Lancetilla River area, and takes you to Punta Sal, approximately a 45 minute trip in the bay. With a bit of luck, you will see dolphins playfully following your boat en route towards your destination. Departures are usually early, by 8:00 a.m. at the latest, since the surf usually builds up in the afternoon and it is safer to leave back from Punta Sal around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Check out Garifuna Tours, the oldest tour operator in Tela, and a pioneer in tours to Punta Sal. Their offices are almost in front of Central Park in Tela.

Enjoy your visit to Jeannette Kawas National Park and discover the two jewels in Punta Sal National Park!