Zika in Honduras

Does Zika in Honduras Mean That you Should Stay Away From Visiting?

It seems like the world is a dangerous place. Many people love to travel, but are getting more and more put off by the perceived dangers of doing so. Take for instance Europe, a travel destination long considered safe. Terrorists have recently staged mortal attacks against civilians in several important cities throughout the continent. These attacks were planned to damage tourism by carrying them out at airports and other venues frequented by travelers. Other traditional destinations, such as Egypt and Turkey have recently seen the number of visitors plummet due to terrorist attacks. And now yesterday tourists and foreigners in Bangladesh are attacked by cowards!

Closer to the USA, Mexico and Latin America have been fighting a war against the drugs. Drugs dealers have recruited gang members, who are “in bed” with them. Both work together to get the drugs that are so valuable up north through this region. You hear and read of a lot of violence throughout the region. Yet, one thing is clear: it is not against regular civilians or travelers!
The violence in Mexico and Central America is between different factions of drug traffickers. It rarely takes place in venues frequented by civilians and tourists. This translates to the fact that as a tourist, you are safe in this part of the world.

By know you are probably asking yourself what does Zika in Honduras have to do with all this? It’s actually quite simple. People travel when they feel safe. Safety includes not only keeping you away from physical harm, but also keeping you healthy. Nobody will travel to a destination where it is likely they will get sick. It is plain and simple! So will you travel to Central America, or for that matter, anywhere else if you believe you will get sick? Of course not!

Facts about Zika in Honduras

Here are some facts about the Zika Virus in Honduras. I hope it will help you decide where to go when planning your next vacations: Zika is not a deadly virus. It is rare that someone will die from Zika. There is a cure for the decease. It’s not an incurable illness such as AIDS that you will have to live with the rest of your life. Zika has spread throughout the World. It is present in the more tropical states in the USA, such as Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. With the help of climate change, it will soon be in many other states also!

Perhaps the biggest “side effect” is that pregnant mothers can give birth to babies with micro-cephalia. This is a condition where the baby’s head does not develop normally and the child’s brain is smaller than it should be. This is a valid reason not to travel to tropical areas if you are pregnant or planning on getting so. If you are neither pregnant, nor planning to become pregnant, and on some sort of birth control you have no worries! Your travels to the tropics of Latin America, will not put you at risk.

Contrary to what you think, the highest risk for contracting Zika is not in the tropical rural areas or beaches. It is in the larger cities! Cities like Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and El Progreso have the highest incidence of the virus. Small towns or villages next to the jungles and beaches rarely see cases. This is because of trash. Yes people tend to have trash in their gardens and patios. Buckets, toys, plastic containers that can keep some water from the rains. This stagnant water is ideal for the reproduction of the little mosquito that transmits Zika, Dengue, Malaria, etc.

In other words, if you are planning a vacation to Honduras, and would like to visit Copan Ruinas, Lake Yojoa, Tela, La Ceiba or the Bay Islands, your chances of getting Zika are almost nil! If you do visit, and want to take precautions do the following. Put on some bug repellent at dusk, which is when these little critters like to come out and harass.

I have lived in Honduras for 23 years, and never, ever gotten Malaria, Dengue, Chinkunguya or Zika. I live in the Cangrejal River Valley, an area with a thick tropical rainforest cover. I usually wear long pants and socks in the evening to keep the bugs off me. I rarely use repellent.
So if you are looking for a destination that is safe, you can certainly consider Honduras. Stay away from the big cities, visit the beaches on the Caribbean. Visit the towns in the mountains and the National Parks. Enjoy yourself and relax! Despite what the press says, you are safer in Honduras than in most parts of the World!