Comayagua Museums

Comayagua is proud of its historical and cultural heritage, and they like to show it! There is no doubt that one of the best ways to show your heritage is through a museum. Thus, the Comayagua Municipality has made an effort to create more museums. These offer locals and visitors alike, a window to the history and heritage of Comayagua. Following is a list of the current Comayagua Museums and a brief description of them.

Museo de Antropologia de Comayagua

Comayagua Museums
The Comayagua Museum of Anthropology

This is the largest and most complete of Comayagua Museums. The Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History is in charge of this museum. The building that houses the museum is a centuries old building. It has served as the headquarters for both, the executive and legislative powers in the early republican days. This when Comayagua was still the capital of Honduras. The museum features exhibits about the Lenca Culture. A diversity of artifacts found in nearby archaeological sites within the Comayagua Valley are on display here.

Within the building you will find an interesting school that teaches the ancient crafts. Here apprentices of blacksmiths, carpenters and masons learn the trade. Graduates learn to build using the colonial style of construction. These techniques have helped restore many of the colonial buildings in Comayagua. The building has a nice interior garden, restored by the students of this trade school. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Entrance fee is Lps. 40 for Hondurans and $4 US for foreigners. This museum is interesting and will give you an idea of how things operated in Honduras in the XIXth Century.

Museo  Colonial

Comayagua Museums
The Colonial Museum exhibits a variety of religions artifacts from Colonial times

This museum is in the bishops palace, across the street from the Cathedral. It has had much bad luck in the last decade. First it burnt to the ground. Fortunately most of the colonial religious artifacts where taken out and saved from the fire. Efforts to rebuild the structure were successful, and the museum opened its doors once again. However, shortly after thieves broke into the museum and stole many historical artifacts. Currently, the museum not open. The municipality and the local chamber of tourism are negotiating with the Catholic bishop and hope to have it open to the public soon.

Museo Casa Cabañas

Comayagua Museums
Casa Cabanas museum offers a historical look at the different chiefs of state that Honduras has had.

An old building that served as a home to Jose Trinidad Cabañas. Cabañas was one of the early independence heroes of Honduras. The restored building now operates as a Museum. The exhibit is about the different heads of state that Honduras has had. These include the colonial governors as well republican presidents. The building offers a glimpse at the typical colonial style homes of yesteryear. Casa Cabañas is open Tuesday to Sunday. From Tuesday to Friday it is open from 8:00 a.m. till 4;00 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays it is open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Entrance fee is Lps 40 lemps for locals and $5 US for foreigners. General Cabanas lived and died in this building. His remains rest close by, in the San Sebastian Church, in Comayagua.

Casa de la Cultura Comayaguense

Comayagua Museums
La Casa de La Cultura Comayaguense

Although not a museum, this facility, promotes the local culture, and often has exhibits within its premises. For example, this last week when I visited it, they had an art exhibit. The exhibit was artwork by Honduran artist Francisco Pinto Rodezno. You will always find things of interest here. This is also a good source for tourist information. There is no entrance fee, so feel free to stroll in and look around. If you need help getting a local guide, the workers here can give you information and put you in touch with a certified local guide. For information regarding the Casa de la Cultura Comayaguense check their facebook page.

Casa Castillo.

Comayagua Museums
Casa Castillo in Comayagua

Not yet open as a museum, but definitely in the works! This building, which is just across the street from the Municipality, will soon house a local art museum. We, at will let you know when the grand opening of this new Comayagua Museum will be!